Coco Rocha

Season 17, Episode 6 -  Air Date: 10/19/2011
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From the CW: “The women are divided into two teams for a flag football challenge with professional football players. During the challenge, the all-stars pause for photos and the competition is fierce. At the photo shoot, the models find out they will be posing in pairs alongside supermodel Coco Rocha.”

‘America‘s Next Top Model: All-Stars‘ Week 6 Recap: Fight Tooth, Nail and Smize

When we left them, the all-stars were reeling after a rare moment of kindness from La Toya Jackson saved either Lisa or Angelea from certain death elimination. "I was in the bottom two again. DAMN," says Angelea, who can‘t quite figure out when over-confidence helps or hurts in this competition. (Nobody can!) The spirit of La Toya dies as soon as the models get out of the judging panel room, thanks to Bianca, who had a REALLY bad week, but refuses to give an inch. She‘s a six-foot lightning rod ... if lightning rods actively tried to stand under thunderstorms and electrify their enemies. Bianca barks something egomaniacal about how she "deserves to be here." Lisa smacks her gum like, "No one is arguing that you don‘t deserve to be here, though we could raise a pretty solid case for why you shouldn‘t be, based on your increasingly threatening behavior and long-term anger issues." Being an all-star means not having to speak to get your point across. 
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