Higlights and Catfights

Season 16, Episode 9 -  Air Date: 4/20/2011
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‘America‘s Next Top Model‘ Clip Show Recap: What We Didn‘t See So Far This Cycle

Typically, reality series clip shows come to us the week before the finale, and serve to both review what‘s happened so far and ramp up excitement for the season‘s big send-off. But Tyra isn‘t one to do things the normal way -- at least not an ancient 16 cycles into her own show. She likes to change things up, and logic has never been a big factor in her decision making. Hence, here we are, with five contestants left on America‘s Next Top Model cycle 16, and we‘re watching the season‘s clip show. We haven‘t even gotten to the international destination yet, and don‘t try to TELL me, Tyra, that no hilarious outtakes happened after the hapless models landed in Morocco. Travel abroad is when the best, most hilarious mix-ups happen! Yeah, that‘s right, Tyra.
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