Eric Daman

Season 16, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 4/6/2011
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‘America‘s Next Top Model‘ Week 7 Recap: All Aboard the Crazy Train

Tonight on America‘s Next Top Model: The girls do two photo shoots, one with noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, and the other at Universal Studios with the only part of Gossip Girl that is any good anymore, costume designer Eric Daman. But neither of those is the big story of the night. The big story of the night is: Will Brittani stoop to Alexandria‘s level and live to tell the tale? Or will Alexandria end up the casualty in this war of the waifs?We‘ll find out. But first: Everyone marks your e-cals, text your Tyra Drinking Game buddies and sext Nigel Barker that you‘ll see him "l8tr than usual," because
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