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Season 16, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 3/2/2011
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‘America‘s Next Top Model‘ Week 2 Recap: To Bee or Not to Bee

Last week on America‘s Next Top Model: Tyra threw the RULES out the WINDOW (into the DIRT where she threw her SHAME seven years ago and it grew into a CRAZINESS GARDEN!) and did away with casting week. The 14 finalists got psychologically tormented (oh, excuse me, I mean Punk‘d) and then the Jays stuck them inside plastic bubbles and rolled them down an invisible runway over water while an audience watched them fall over and laughed. Business as (un)usual.This week: More of the same! And by "same," I mean "torture." Balls are so last week. This week it‘s all about BEES!!!!!!!
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