Smile and Pose

Season 14, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 4/7/2010
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This week the girls pose with comedian Ross Mathews ("The Tonight Show" and "Chelsea Lately") before heading to NYC‘s garment district to be completely transformed in faux fashion wardrobe. (Courtesy of The CW)

‘America‘s Next Top Model‘ Recap: Fakin‘ It

Tonight‘s episode of America‘s Next Top Model was all about faking it. And not just faking little things like "sick" or "orgasm," but faking the big stuff, like chemistry. And talent. And style. And doing it in a painfully awkward and ridiculous way, but just going on and pretending with full confidence that those fake things are real and normal and impressive as can be.It‘s like the show has been watching itself and taking notes!Anyway, here‘s what happened in America‘s Next Top Model episode 5, "Smile and Pose." (More like "Grin and Bear It.")
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