This hasn’t been an easy season for the group on Zoo. Up until the last episode, Jamie was separated from everyone, and just as they found out where she was (or at least heading), they lost Chloe. BuddyTV found out what to expect in the remaining episodes of Zoo season 2 from James Wolk at San Diego Comic-Con.

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Watch the video interview with James Wolk:

Here are the highlights:

  • “The show starts to take a very dark turn,” Wolk revealed.
  • Jackson is under a lot of stress from Chloe’s death.
  • The idea that the mutation is affecting humans becomes “really intense,” and there’s the “ticking time clock” with the government’s gas that would not only eliminate the animals but could eliminate humans as well.
  • Jackson finds out more about his father and what his involvement was in making this animal mutation come to be.
  • The changes in Jackson will continue. “He’s obviously going through something big and that’s also a big deal for the team to try and stop what’s happening to him from happening because they’re racing against time.”
  • Does Wolk know the endgame of the series? “To keep the show going,” he laughed.
  • He has seen up until the season finale, and it will end on another cliffhanger. The finale “opens the door for a great season 3,” he teased.
  • Will more family members pop up for the team? “There’s a lot of family involved in this season,” he said. You get to see where these characters come from.”

Zoo season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9pm on CBS.

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