It’s been a long road, but The Voice season 10 is finally coming to end. Everything about season 10, from the editing to the inane Carson Daly questions, has been pointing towards an Alisan Porter win. Alisan winning is what The Voice wants, but that may not be what America wants. She did not have the greatest finale night, though she did finish strong. Considering the performances on finale night, anyone could win, but let’s look at who is most likely to take home the prize.

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Who is Not Going to Win?

Laith Al-Saadi had perhaps his best night of the season, but he is the long shot of this Final 4. Laith had to be voted in by the Instant Save for the finale and did very little to change things up. It was more just a perfection of what he did all season, so that means all the guitar solos, all the talking about him being an underdog and tons of bellowing. No matter what Laith did, he was probably headed straight to last place of the Final 4, but his finale performances confirmed it.

Who Might Win?

Hannah Huston is the actual underdog of the Final 4, unlike Laith Al-Saadi. They are both long shots, but Hannah actually has a chance of winning. It is a slight chance, but it still exists. Hannah was one the weaker performers in the finale, as she had an okay but commercially viable original song and a terrible duet with her coach, Pharrell. It was her creative cover of “Every Breath You Take” with her previous body of work that makes Hannah a contender. Hannah is easily the most likable of the artists left too. It would be a bit naive to say that popularity isn’t a part of who eventually wins.

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Who Will Win?

It really is a race, though, between the two A’s, Alisan Porter and Adam Wakefield. Alisan is, as mentioned, the clear favorite by The Voice editing team. Alisan might have ended the finale night on a strong note, literally, but her original left a lot to be desired personally.

On the other hand, Adam has been a natural from start to finish. He has always had impeccable control, and the worst that can be said about Adam is he lacks charisma. Even that isn’t precisely true anymore either because Adam has become much more comfortable around the camera.

Alisan has tried her hand at several different genres and done a pretty great job with them all. Adam, more than any artist this season, has known who he is from the start and stuck to it. 

In addition, Adam jumped right to the top of the iTunes charts with his original song as soon as part one of the finale ended. As of this writing, Adam is the only artist in the Top 10. That will likely change when voting ends, but it still is significant that Adam did so well so early. It’s not just finale week either; Adam has consistently been at the top of the iTunes charts, often selling more than Alisan. 

iTunes sales aren’t everything, but combined with the amount of country fans who watch The Voice, which is a very big segment of the audience, and how consistent Adam has been, the winner does look obvious. Alisan might have started as the odds-on favorite and is the most hyped artist, but it is Adam Wakefield who will win this season.

But what do you think? Is Adam the winner? Or will it be Alisan?

The Voice season 10 finale airs Tuesday, May 24 at 9pm on NBC.

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