After several announcements regarding the identities of the Walkers’ younger versions and the whole Joe Jonas fiasco, there’s more news coming from the Brothers and Sisters set.  According to sources, the earlier incarnation of the family patriarch will be portrayed by Daniel Cosgrove.

E! Online has confirmed that the Beverly Hills, 90210 star has signed on for the role on the ABC drama.  We don’t exactly know the specifics of his storyline, but he will be filling in the shoes for actor Tom Skerritt’s deceased character.  That alone might be enough clues for us.

Cosgrove is known for roles in several daytime dramas, such as As the World Turns, Guiding Light and All My Children.  He also starred in Van Wilder and In Justice, and now returns to television to play the young William Walker.

All this has been done in preparation for the two-hour flashback episode that Brothers and Sisters has lined up for us.  We’ve all heard that it will reveal a devastating secret about the Walkers, which will certainly change things for the family.  But it’s in the past, so what it may have changed already happened.  Or something.  These types of installments are tricky.

Anyway, if you’ve seen the list of actors who have been cast as younger versions of the family, you’ll be able to know who’s missing.  The standout character who hasn’t been cast yet is Sally Fields’ Nora Walker.

Sources believe there are three candidates for the role.  There’s Rachel Leigh Cook from Psych and Courtney Ford of Dexter.  Finally, there’s Nora Zehetner of Grey’s Anatomy fame.

There’s also the matter of Justin, played by Dave Annable at present.  The problem here is that he probably didn’t even exist when the 1970s flashback took place, so there may be no need to introduce him as a little kid in the special episode.   No word yet on when it will air, but what we’re really waiting for is some more casting news for Brothers and Sisters.

Source: E! News
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