We heard what the Big Love execs had to say about it, now we hear it from Amanda Seyfried herself.

In the occasion of her romantic tearjerker Dear John dethroning Avatar last weekend at the box office, Seyfried tells Arizona Republic that filming for Big Love can get “frustrating” at times, citing the HBO series’ Los Angeles location.

“But there does come a time when the location … gets to be frustrating, because I’m not one of the characters that works every day. Even some weeks I don’t work at all. I wanted to move back to New York for years.”

The scheduling conflict, for instance, forced Seyfried to drop out of playing the lead in Zack Snyder’s new film Sucker Punch.

“I was losing out on a lot of really big film projects where I could be working every day,” she added. “We always talked about it, and we decided that they were going to let me go. So that was really a good moment for me.”

Big Love creator Will Scheffer pointed to the same reason – Seyfried’s burgeoning post-Mamma Mia movie career – as the main reason why Seyfried can no longer stay on the show.

“I know having a commitment to a show for six months definitely cuts into her ability to pursue that career,” he said.

A compromise has been reached, however, and Seyfried’s Sarah Henrickson can come back to Big Love in the future but is no longer committed to it.

Just the same, the 24-year-old credits being part of Big Love, recently renewed for a fifth season, as something really extraordinary for her career.

“It was obvious to me that I was part of something really special.”

Seyfried will say goodbye on Big Love‘s eight and penultimate episode this season.

Source: Arizona Republic
(Image courtesy of HBO)

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