If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Supernatural writer Ben Edlund in person, or seeing him talk, just imagine Shaggy from Scooby Doo, only with Velma’s intelligence.  The man behind the garlic pizza-hating Dracula in “Monster Movie” and the suicidal teddy bear in “Wishful Thinking” acts exactly how you’d think he would.

At the Supernatural 100th episode party, Edlund was having a great time and I got to talk to him about what it’s like to be a writer on Supernatural, his upcoming episode “My Bloody Valentine” and the possibility of season 6.  Check out the highlights or listen to the entire interview.

-While Ben Edlund was known as the comedic writer on Supernatural for a long time, recent episodes like “On the Head of a Pin” and “Abandon All Hope” have changed that perception.  “The challenge has been you’ve got to get from this point to this point in the larger story, and how do you make its own episode out of it,” he said.  “I’ve been really fascinated with that challenge.  I’m into that engineering now.”

-Ben Edlund has written a man’s head being impaled on a meat fork in “Bad Day at Black Rock” and Dean torturing Alastair in “On the Head of a Pin,” so it’s pretty disturbing that he thinks his grossest gross-out yet comes in this week’s “My Bloody Valentine.”  He said: “Now I’m working in drama as opposed to comedy, a lot of gut-punching and gross outs.  There’s one coming up in “My Bloody Valentine” that is disgusting.  It’s horrible.  I mean, I just write it down, I can’t imagine someone would go off and shoot this crap.  It’s just gross.”

-While Supernatural still has season 5 to get through, Edlund did comment on what a possible sixth season might look like.  “It will be nuts in season 6.  I’m going back to funny in season 6 because who knows what the hell it’s gonna be, it’ll be fun.  We open doors emotionally and tonally on [season 5], so this thing has to end with a certain tone.  But after that we can reset in a lot of ways and go back to stand alones that have a different index of stakes and I can be funny again, which I’m looking forward to.”

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