Daniel Goddard mysteriously plunged into The Young and the Restless as Cane only to find out that he’s part of Genoa’s powerhouse family, the Chancellors.  In an interview with CBS.com, he reveals his character’s sentiments as he takes on his new family life and finding the love he deserves.

According to the 36-year-old actor, Cane’s unsteady upbringing without a family has made his new family all the better.

“Well in the beginning it’s almost too good to be true.  But, down the road you realize these people actually do care about you, that you can reciprocate that care… I did a lot of research on adoption.  I interviewed people who hadn’t found their biological parents, but were looking and also I interviewed people who had been through the process and found their parents.  Everyone that I talked to said that, originally, there was an incredible sense of malice and venom towards the person that gave them away until they understand the circumstances.  You’ll find in a lot of cases that the person didn’t feel that they could give the child a life that they deserved, and when the child, who was given away, gets over that and understands that it was done for their own best interest or it was done because the mother didn’t have a say in it, you get past it.  For Cane, he’s had so much time without them it’s pointless to have the time with them and not enjoying it,” the Young and the Restless actor said.

At present, Cane has a lot going on in his life.  Besides his new family, he also has an estranged wife and a new job to deal with.  However, Goddard reveals that his character is most likely to prioritize his family.

“I think it comes down to family.  Intensifying and strengthening the role that he has in the family and the bond with his family.  I think that everything else comes second to that.  And once he starts working for the family to make sure the family is proud of him and doing a good job.  After that, you find that when he meets that girl that makes him say, now I am complete then I think that comes into play then.  I think it will always be taking care of his family and making sure the Chancellors will have that son who can protect the family and grow the business into something powerful,” he explained.

In addition to his regular gig on The Young and the Restless, fans can catch Daniel Goddard for an autograph signing session on October 6 from 1pm to 3pm at Dillards in Maumee.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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