Since it debuted in 2004, House has established its niche on television with its critically-acclaimed plot, not to mention its award-winning cast.  Now, the medical series has evolved into a program that encompasses cross-generational appeal, primarily because of its cranky yet charismatic doctor in the form Hugh Laurie.

Laurie, a 48-year-old actor and comedian, is currently portraying Gregory House, the head of the department of diagnostic medicine who specializes in infectious diseases and Nephrology on the FOX series House.  But while he has already earned numerous prestigious awards since landing the iconic role, he feels much honor to be associated as a favorite among America’s young crowd.

“Given that the ages of all the other nominees probably don’t add up to mine, I felt that was a real triumph. It’s a huge thrill for me and I can’t deny it,” Laurie, who was recently named Teen Choice TV Actor, said.

As for his magic theory on why his maverick medical genius character appeals to various ages, he said, “I do think that House in some ways appeals to an older audience because he expresses all the impatience that old people have with the way the modern world is going and the touchy-feely, anti-scientific way the world is going.  But he also, I think, connects to teenagers who are similarly impatient with all the rules and restrictions on life.”

Despite his strong following, the show’s high ratings and numerous awards, Laurie remains to worry “that almost immediately it will evaporate like the morning dew.”

“What can happen often in TV is that if something is successful, everyone is nervous about changing anything in case they risk upsetting the boat,” Laurie said.  “But, of course, by the time you actually get a sign that you should change something, it’s too late.  I think it’s very clever on the part of the writers that they have used the impetus we have at the moment to very slightly change directions.”

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-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: Los Angeles Times
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Kris De Leon

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