This season Gilmore Girls has been limping along without its creator. Show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino left abruptly last year after a falling-out with the studio, and current head writer David Rosenthal has been taking a lot of criticism for this year’s story arc in which Lorelai unexpectedly broke up with Luke and abruptly married Christopher, her high school boyfriend and babydaddy.

For years the show’s focus was on “diner guy” Luke’s unrequited love for Lorelai; while fans rejoiced when they finally got together, things sort of fell apart without that continued focus – and now that Lorelai has broken up with Christopher yet again, will the show ever get that focus back? Probably not. For one thing, they’re nearly out of time.

The show has not been renewed for an eighth season yet, and there’s a lot of doubt as to whether it will be. Fans have started campaigns to support an eighth season

Lauren Graham (Lorelai) was recently made a producer of the show, probably as incentive to stick around. The CW needs the viewers that Gilmore Girls brings in even during its down times, but might not be able to afford to keep the actors there. Alexis Bledel is rumoured to be uninterested in continuing her role as Rory Gilmore, preferring to move her film career along.

After seven seasons, the stars will be assured of syndication royalties for years to come. So why should they stick around? Let’s hope the CW and the producers of Gilmore Girls can come up with a reason.

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