This week we peer into the distant future of 24 and Jack Bauer, all the way out to episode nineteen!  It may be surprising, but the fact is 24 is produced so far ahead of its premiere that often information comes to light regarding episodes months before they air, and this is one of those cases.   We chose this particular episode of 24 to spoil on because of its impact on so many of 24’s beloved characters.  In short, you’re not going to believe what becomes of some of  Jack Bauer’s most trusted inner circle.

Episode 19, 12:00am – 1:00am, the witching hour, and what kind of sorcery does the 24 team have on hand for us at this late hour?  To begin with,  Reed Pollack (Chad Lowe) has been found out by White House officials and is desperately trying to avoid the death penalty, so he starts offering up information.  The information that might save is life is the fact that Bill Buchannan had Fayed in custody but let him go, and that Karen covered it up.  It’s all nuclear fallout under the bridge at this point, but enough to illicit a strong response,  Karen is ordered to fire Bill Buchannan, and she complies!

In other matters, Jack is in the midst of getting Audrey back from a guy named Cheng.  Turns out Audrey was kidnapped by the Chinese to eventually be used as leverage against Jack during interrogations, but he was released before that came to light.  At this point in the game, Doyle (Rick Shroder) is tracking Jack to prevent him from trading an info-laden microchip to the Chinese agent in exchange for Audrey.   The scene ends with Doyle sparking off a fire fight, and Jack ultimately giving Cheng the chip so he won’t kill Audrey.

When Jack get’s Audrey back she is babbling and scratching at her head.  Jack looks in her hairline and sees surgical scars.  Turns out the Chinese did a little brain surgery on Audrey!  Of course, this is 24 so they may have just installed an ‘act weird’ chip in her brain which can be easily removed at the CTU clinic,  but from here it looks like yet another great tragedy for Jack Bauer.

– Jon Lachonis, BuddyTV Senior Writer


Senior Writer, BuddyTV