There are few things on TV I love more than cast members from old shows getting together again, which is why last night’s House gave me goosebumps. The main course may have dealt with House’s green card marriage, but the patient of the week was the delicious side dish.

The patient was played by Christopher Marquette, who starred with House‘s Amber Tamblyn on Joan of Arcadia. As a result, the patient’s deep connection with Martha Masters and their discussions about God were extra special, like truffles on your entree.

But perhaps I should stop the food metaphors, since the final scene of the episode revealed Marquette’s character to be a serial killing cannibal. It was a last-minute twist worthy of an M. Night Shyamalan film, and it left me with one question: Have we seen the last of this fine young cannibal?

House has a habit of bringing characters back, whether it was Amber’s return in the post-Super Bowl episode or the previews for the next new episode featuring Thirteen’s long-awaited comeback. Letting this patient sneak away at the end certainly opens the door for him to return.

And given his connection to Masters, I was left with one thought: He’s going to eat her. We all know that Tamblyn isn’t going to be around for the long haul, so this episode felt like a set-up for a truly spectacular end to the character. I’ll admit that killing and eating one of the doctors seems a bit outrageous, but is it any more over-the-top than riding a monster truck down the streets of Princeton?

The big cannibalism reveal at the end isn’t the kind of thing House does unless it’s going to have a pay-off later. As crazy as it sounds, I’m praying for Marquette to make a return appearance in the final episodes of the season to share a romantic dinner with Masters, only she would be on the menu.

Whether or not he enjoys a Masters Meal, I hope Marquette returns because the character’s story seems unfinished. House can’t just drop the cannibal bomb on us in the final scene and expect the story to be over.

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John Kubicek

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