While there is still no word on the fate of a fifth season of Chuck, we still have several season 4 episodes to come. Will Chuck and Sarah’s wedding happen this spring? What is going to happen with Ellie and her dad’s computer? Can Morgan and Casey make it as roommates?

Honestly, I’m not sure. But there are some other small bits of news to tide us over until the answers emerge.

Betting on Season 5
The network’s keeping quiet, but the producers of Chuck are definitely ready for another season of spy goodness in Burbank. Do you need proof of this? How about the season (not series, if the universe and NBC loves us) finale? According to a report from TVLine, the episode title for the fourth season’s final entry is “Chuck vs. the Cliffhanger.”

Since we know that Chuck could never be so cruel as to end a series on a cliffhanger (on purpose anyway), this seems like a good indication of the show’s intent to keep going.

No matter what the eventual show outcome, the season finale is set to air on May 16.

Not a Wedding, But a Bachelorette Party
I personally won’t believe a wedding until I see it. But I’m willing to believe that we’re definitely getting the trappings of nuptials before the season’s end. E! Online’s recent spoilers indicate that Sarah will be celebrating a time-honored pre-marriage tradition: the bachelorette party.

Of course there’s a catch, because how could anything ever go smoothly on Chuck? The stripper at the party will be “disguised as an enemy commando.” Could he be a real commando? Or can we just expect Sarah to react to the man like he was? And how can Chuck get a bachelor party to match that action?

The bachelorette party episode is most likely the 22nd or 23rd episode of the season, airing in April or May.

The Rest of the Season
There are six episodes left in the season, and details are sparse. However, we can give you a little bit to go on. The next episode (4.19) is entitled “Chuck vs. the Muuurder” and concerns a bunch of Chuck-wannabes. Also murder — in Castle, with the doors locked.

More episodes this season include:

  • Episode 20, “Chuck vs. the Family Volkoff” (almost definitely featuring Vivian and hopefully featuring Alexei Volkoff)
  • Episode 21, “Chuck vs. the Wedding Planner” (with the return of Sarah’s dad, Gary Cole)
  • Episode 22, “Chuck vs. Agent X”

Do you think Chuck will get a fifth season? Will Chuck and Sarah actually take the plunge and get married? Leave us your theories and opinions in the comments section!

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