Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr has been putting down MMA fighters for some time now, saying “any good fighter” in boxing could knock out a UFC fighter. He’s said in the past that he thinks he’d have no problem in a fight UFC lightweight champion Sean Sherk. (“I’ll beat him and come home and watch basketball.”) Now it seems he may have told UF president Dana White that he’s willing to go forward with a bout with Sherk, but then taken it back.

Will Mayweather fight Sherk or not?

After Mayweather won his bout with Oscar De La Hoya the other day, White says he’s planning to offer Mayweather a “multi-million dollar offer” if he’ll fight Sherk, according to He’s close-lipped about the offer, but it’s known that Mayweather made $10 million plus a cut of the pay-per-view revenues for the De La Hoya fight.

“I promise you, I will make it worth his while. I will make it very worth his while,” said White. “We can make him a very, very competitive offer if he still feels he can beat one of our guys.”

Sean Sherk’s certainly willing to go for it, saying “I don’t think that fight would last longer than a minute, to be honest with you.” However, he thinks Mayweather’s “just running his mouth” and won’t go through with it.

Before the bout with De La Hoya on Saturday, Mayweather apparently made peace with the UFC president, as well as the UFC vice president, Marc Ratner, claiming he was “only kidding” in his earlier comments about the UFC ’s fighters.

White said that he and Mayweather “used to be really close, and I was kind of disappointed and (ticked) off with the way he was talking.”

However, reports that Mayweather told them he has “no plans of fighting in mixed martial arts,” saying that it was a mistake for him to say he would.

“Sometimes we say things that we shouldn’t have said and I’m man enough to admit that,” Mayweather told “I apologize to the Fertittas, Lorenzo and Dana White (UFC owners).”

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