Katherine who?

Remember this little bubbly resident turned crabby cancer survivor on Grey’s Anatomy? Contrary to what some disgruntled Grey’s viewers like to tell themselves, Katherine Heigl will be back to Seattle Grace soon, reports Entertainment Weekly.

Just how soon? EW adds that we will probably see Izzie again late April, right about the same time when a “special” patient is admitted to Seattle Grace – none other than estranged hubby Alex’s (Justin Chambers) brother.

According to the same source, Grey’s Anatomy is currently casting the role of Karev’s sibling, in what would be the first time to meet a member of Alex’s family. Of course, expect some skeletons in the closet to be uncovered, including a nasty bit about daddy beating mommy. Hopefully, we’ll find out why Alex is so intense and likes to yell so much.

Heigl, meanwhile, who took a break from the ABC medical series to focus on her burgeoning movie career and her daughter, is teaming up with Ashton Kutcher for an upcoming action comedy called Killers, hopefully not connected to Izzie’s cutting off of Denny’s LVAD wires.

In other Grey’s news, rejoice, Mercy West haters. EW also reveals that at least one of the Mercy Westers have been dished the walking papers and will say goodbye before the end of the season.

Most would point to Sarah Drew‘s April Kepner as the top candidate, after she made a reappearance recently thanks to the new chief Derek (Patrick Dempsey), only to be reduced to being Derek’s assistant.

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Glenn Diaz

Staff Writer, BuddyTV