One of the weakest aspects of Heroes, at least in my mind, are the voiceovers that often open and close each episode of the series.  Actor Sendhil Ramamurthy certainly has a lovely voice, but the narration is often written to violently pound the episode’s themes into our heads, as though we’re too dense to figure them out ourselves.  Since I’m quite tired of listening to Mohinder drone on about evolution, I’m excited to report that someone else may be taking over the narrating duties when the show returns for its third season.  According to Michael Ausiello at TV Guide, creator Tim Kring is said to be seeking “an Australian Aboriginal actor in his fifties to appear in multiple episodes as a storyteller with great wisdom and a soft, soothing voice.”

Even if Kring is looking to add a storyteller character to the show, chances are he wouldn’t take over the narration duties permanently.  There are rumors that the third season of Heroes may last for 30 or 35 episodes, and there’s no way they’d hire a guest actor for that amount of time.  I’m sure fans of Mohinder will still have plenty of opportunities to hear him babble on about genetic anomalies.

It’s possible that the absence of Mohinder’s narration is just one sign that Heroes season 3 will be a departure from the previous year.  Tim Kring previously said that he’s aware that fans were upset with the direction of season 2, and he’s vowed to fix those problems when the series returns.  Now that the Heroes: Origins spin-off idea has officially been axed by NBC, Kring and the rest of the behind-the-scenes crew can focus on making the original show great again.

It was recently announced that Heroes season 3 will premiere on September 15 with a one-hour clip show followed by a two-hour premiere.  The first chapter of the season, entitled “Villains,” will see characters such as Sylar (Zachary Quinto) and Angela Petrelli causing all sorts of problems for our heroes.

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