Esme’s backstory and plan was explained on the latest episode of The Gifted. Her family had been used by Dr. Campbell and she was willing to do anything it took to get her family (her identical sisters) back. Now that the mutant underground knows about her plans and her willingness to kill humans, it should turn other mutants against her. However, this could completely divide the mutant underground.

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Polaris Wants the Fear to Stop

Throughout the episode, Polaris made it clear that she was fed up of constantly being afraid. She wants the fear to stop and the war between mutants and humans to end. However, she seems to have turned against the humans. Her focus is on keeping the mutants free and protected, regardless of the costs.

Esme will certainly have Polaris on her side. While Polaris was used during the episode, she will likely understand that it was a means to an end. The Gifted has already confirmed that Magneto will play a major role in the season finale, although the character will not appear. Polaris is Magneto’s daughter, so it would make sense for her to take on some of his character traits in the war between mutants and humans.

Blink and the Strucker siblings are also extremely angry. They watched Dreamer die at the hands of Dr. Campbell and will likely want revenge. Dr. Campbell is the big threat to the mutants right now and they will be willing to do anything to keep people safe from him.

Thunderbird Doesn’t Believe in Killing Humans

While Polaris, Blink, Lauren and Andy may be happy to kill humans to protect mutants, not all the mutant underground feels the same. This is where Esme’s actions will divide the leadership. Thunderbird doesn’t believe human lives should be taken, even if it means protecting mutants. It could save 200 mutants and Thunderbird would want to save the human lives.

Esme maliciously took the lives of a number of humans. This wasn’t a necessary part of the whole plan. Thunderbird had a plan to stop the prisoner transport. While some of the humans may have been caught in the crossfire, Thunderbird would have likely accepted that as war; after all, he was a soldier first. He wouldn’t have chosen to kill the humans in a plan of revenge.

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Likewise, Marcos will struggle to trust Esme. He was tasered by Esme so she could carry out her plan. He’s also already made a point that he’s tired of the killing. While he doesn’t want to live in fear, he doesn’t want so much death. He could choose Thunderbird’s side, despite his girlfriend, Polaris, being on the opposite side.

The Strucker parents could also find themselves on the opposite side of the war as their children. As humans they won’t want to see their own kids killed by the mutants. They will also be angry at Esme’s manipulation, even if it does mean their children are no longer in prison or being tested on by Dr. Campbell.

Will the mutant underground be divided thanks to Esme? Is this the point everyone has to pick sides? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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