The Gifted has confirmed Polaris is Magneto’s biological daughter, and Magneto is going to play a part in the season finale. While he won’t physically appear, things he has done will come up. One of the big questions is whether Polaris (Lorna) will become just like him. Could she be the one the mutant underground and Sentinel Services have to protect the world from in the show?

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Polaris Is Already Volatile

While Polaris doesn’t have much of a relationship with her father, she’s heard enough about him. The mutant underground works with the belief that mutants should not hurt humans. Even if the action would save 200 mutants, hurting a human is a bad thing. However, Polaris has already proven that she is willing to hurt humans if it means protecting the people she loves. In the pilot episode, she attacked the police with her abilities after Marcos was shot.

Even now that she’s back, Polaris is volatile. During her nightmares she loses control of her abilities and she’s not afraid to push young mutants to their limits to make sure they’re ready for the war. Polaris believes that some sacrifices need to be made to protect the majority.

In the most recent episode, Polaris had no qualms about hitting the Trask Industries security guard over the head to knock him out. She hated the things the security guard said about mutants. There were other ways to allow Dreamer to do her stuff, but Polaris took a quick and easy option.

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Following in Magneto’s Footsteps

This grey area of thinking makes her more like Magneto than any other character on The Gifted. While other characters have hurt humans to save mutants, they’ve usually done it by accident or with regret. Polaris shows no sympathy and makes no apologies for her actions, as long as she gets what she wants in the end.

During an interview with, Emma Dumont, who plays Polaris, admitted that her character is more like Magneto than she would care to admit. It’s not just their powers that are the same, but the way they look at the world. This likeness is something that scares Polaris, which could foreshadow some things to come.

Dumont went on to confirm that Magneto will play a big part of Polaris’ storyline in the rest of The Gifted season 1. While he won’t appear, he will come up in conversation. It may be possible that Marcos worries about Polaris’ use of abilities during her nightmares or the way she is willing to sacrifice human life to save mutants.

Polaris fears Marcos, John, her baby and the rest of the mutants will be taken by Trask and she will stop at nothing to ensure her fears don’t become a reality. There are other mutants who will feel the same way, which could completely divide the underground, the way the mutants were divided in X-Men.

Do you believe Polaris will be the next Magneto? Will she divide the mutant underground? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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