Gothel has been telling Victoria all along in season 7 of Once Upon a Time that the way to wake up Anastasia is to take away another’s belief. In “One Little Tear,” Victoria is successful in taking away Lucy’s belief that her family will have a happy ending. As a result Lucy sheds one tear before she runs off, and Victoria uses that tear to wake up her beloved daughter. Once Anastasia awakens, Lucy collapses. So, what does this mean for Lucy? Will she ever believe again? Will she take the place of Anastasia in a coma? What will Anastasia do now that she’s awake and in Hyperion Heights?

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Lucy Will Slip into a Coma

Lucy could easily take the place of Anastasia in a state of a coma until something big happens. But the real question is what that something big could be. We know that Ivy has warned that Henry and Jacinda can’t get back together again, as something terrible will happen. But it seems, if Lucy slips into a coma, Roni may do anything to get her granddaughter back.

Or maybe just one kiss from Jacinda could wake Lucy up. That could also break the curse on Hyperion Heights, as that’s how Emma broke the curse in Storybrooke.

Lucy Will Be Fine, But Anastasia Won’t Be

Lucy is a child. Children change their minds all the time. If she just fainted and wakes up, I don’t think it will take much convincing to believe in her family again. In fact, Victoria told her the truth. She told Lucy that the storybook is real. And since half of Hyperion Heights is awake now too, it shouldn’t be long before the curse is broken and another one is cast.

It’s not really Lucy I’m concerned about. I’m worried about Anastasia. What does bringing her back to life mean for everyone in Hyperion Heights? What kind of magic does she possess that’s so important to both Ivy and Victoria? And how will that magic be used?

Gaps in Rapunzel/Victoria/Lady Tremaine’s Story

Rapunzel or Victoria or Lady Tremaine, whatever you want to call her, has a very interesting story, but there are some holes in it. Yes, she wanted to protect her family so she made a deal with Gothel. But after she gets out, she makes her way back to her family to find they are indeed happy, but with another woman as their mother. She uses the mushroom from Wonderland, but that basically bites her in the ass when Anastasia falls through ice and slips into a coma. She turns the tables on Gothel and locks her in her own tower. But my big question is, when did she learn magic? Did she pick it up in the tower? Did she pick it up while basically living as a servant to her family? Does she learn it in an attempt to wake up Anastasia?

I just want to know what happened to turn Rapunzel into Lady Tremaine. I can only assume this switch happened after she locked Gothel away. But I imagine she visits Gothel in that tower, as Gothel repeatedly tells Ivy not to underestimate her mother. But why does Gothel eventually help Victoria wake up Anastasia in Hyperion Heights? What power does Victoria hold over Gothel?

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What Power Does Anastasia Hold?

Anastasia seems to be a big piece of the puzzle in season 7, but it’s still unclear what role she’ll play. Gothel mentioned that Anastasia could be the Guardian, but who the Guardian is, what the Guardian does and who eventually becomes the Guardian is still unknown. Since Rapunzel locks Gothel in her own tower, we never find out who is the Guardian — at least in the fairy tale land. I think Anastasia could be the key to finding the Guardian, since Victoria claims that she knows where the Guardian is.

It’s been implied that there’s magic inside Anastasia that both Ivy and Victoria need to basically hurt or destroy each other. So I imagine now that she’s awake there will be a battle to gain that power inside her. Or maybe she’ll use that magic herself. What would that mean for Hyperion Heights and the characters in it?

What do you think will happen to Lucy? Do you think she’ll ever be able to believe in her family again? Do you think she’ll get her happy ending with her mother and father? What about Victoria and Anastasia? How will Hyperion Heights be affected now that Anastasia is awake? Does it surprise you that so many people are “aware” of the curse and their true selves? Let us know in the comments below.

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