Dance Moms relies heavily on three things to be successful. While Abby thinks she is the vital link, she it not the one that the show really centers around, the students are too. They provide not only the dancers, but the moms and the opportunity for a teacher as well. When a rumor surfaced that studios were being approached to do the show, I became suspicious. Then we began to hear rumors that Abby might do Dancing with the Stars, so I decided to investigate and see what I could find out.

Last year at this time, Abby had announced an open audition to replace Brooke and Paige. When nothing had shown up on Twitter or Facebook, I took my lunch hour to visit the Abby Lee Dance Company site to see what was new in the world of Abby Lee competitive dance. Some of the things surprised me.

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When I first access the site, I noticed the class schedule announcement. While there is mention of Abby’s “Dance Off” which were submitted by students, nothing is listed about a live “cattle call” for dancers this year. I clicked on classes and went to “Abby Lee Dance Company” only to learn that there will be no open auditions like last year but that all interested students should call the studio to schedule a private appointment for their audition.

Another interesting fact is that Maddie is all over the websites in promotional pictures but there are few, if any, of Nia, Chloe, or Kendall. The site is more professional looking this year. Since Abby makes a big issue of the fact that Kelly and Christie do not pay on time for their lessons, I clicked on “Studio Policy” and found the following:


The children and parents must commit to 10 months during the school year and “then some.” Students must pay for their studies by the 10th of every month and absences are not refundable. So I guess if you are injured, your rate states the same. Also, the viewing room which Abby brags about is no longer open during rehearsals and classes. If I was enrolling a student in any program, I would want to watch a few rehearsals before signing on the dotted line.

Another telling thing that brings into question the status of the present dancers is found under competition results. The site, under competitions, lists results for the Sheer Talent National Championships held in Las Vegas on July 15-21. This week’s episode is entitled “Diva Viva Las Vegas” which makes me wonder if the results already posted are from the episode to be aired Tuesday, August 27. If so, this is the first time the results have appeared before the episode has aired. Could Abby be getting forgetful or does this mark a change-up in regard to the status of Dance Moms?

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Abby also has information about contacting her through the studio. She will not mail autographs, she does not want any negative feedback left on the site. If the phone is busy and you want lessons or information on class schedules, continue to call. Also Abby, Maddie and MacKenzie will be holding a “master class” and chat in Charlotte, North Carolina, on September 29. They will gladly sign autographs on Abby’s merchandise. Isn’t a Master Class and chat the same thing as a “Meet and Greet?”

All these visible rules and lack of mention of anyone but Abby, Maddie and MacKenzie raises some flags for me. Last year, a new season had already been announced. We know the parents are under contract for a few more years. We know that Abby has been absent during the last few episodes apparently due to her mother’s health and maybe her work in Los Angeles. Is she doing Dancing with the Stars? I guess we’ll find out if there’s any truth to that rumor on September 4, there have been some rumblings that make me question whether the show is going on hiatus for a year. Here’s your chance! What do you think?

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Linda Martindale

Contributing Writer, BuddyTV