Big Brother 15 has seen more alliances than any other season. The Moving Company and the Blonde-tourage met early deaths. The Grasshoppers died before it was born. The Knockouts and its sub-alliance, the Goof Troop, ended when they all betrayed Judd. The Mom Squad has been cut in half and with Elissa nominating Aaryn and McCrae, 3 A.M. is looking shaky. But now a new group has formed, and it could be the one you’ve been waiting for.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Meet Andy, Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie, aka the Exterminators! The four solidified their alliance late Sunday night over a can of bug spray. The name comes from their desire to take out all the snakes and rats in the house. And cockroaches.

Whether or not this one lasts longer than the last bug-themed alliance Judd, Spencer and GM were involved with (the Grasshoppers) remains to be seen. But it seems solid, stemming from the fact that no one really likes or trusts Elissa and they’ve all realized that McCranda needs to get broken up ASAP.

This past weekend had a flurry of activity. Amanda’s big plan was to psychological torture Elissa while having Andy cozy up to her to prevent him from being the replacement nominee. That seems to have failed, much to Amanda’s chagrin, but it has brought the floaters together to form this new super-group.

Judd and Spencer have bonded over being left out of the loop, Andy seems to have finally escaped the clutches of McCranda (though I’m not sure if this is part of Amanda’s master plan or an actual epiphany he’s had). And GM is with them because, well, she was around when they teamed up and the guys needed a fourth member just to ensure that Andy stays this week if he goes up against Aaryn (not that he needs to worry, as I doubt McCranda will trade Aaryn for Andy). She’s also straight-forward and the boys don’t need to worry too much about her being a secret double agent or trying to betray them.

The Exterminators are still a little hazy on whether or not to take out McCranda next week or wait a week and get Elissa out first, but they know it has to happen fast and are in the perfect position to do it. Best of all, they know that if McCrae or Amanda wins the next HoH, Elissa is their one and only target, so they’d all be safe.

As much as I don’t like Andy’s waffling, I will like him a lot more if he sticks with the Exterminators and doesn’t rat them out to Amanda. This is the group he should be riding with because, from what I can tell, they all have an equal chance at victory. I have little doubt that Amanda and maybe even McCrae would win if either made it to the end, and even though people resent Elissa, she has Helen in the jury house to campaign for her.

The Exterminators are the middle-players, the B-team, the also-rans. They’ve floated around all season and have been expendable (see Judd’s eviction or Spencer’s six nominations). They’re the ones who haven’t done a whole lot and who could all theoretically win. That’s a powerful and important part of a great alliance. Everyone in the group thinks they have a chance to win if they’re in the Final 2 against anyone else in the alliance. That’s one thing groups like 3 A.M. never had, because Andy was NEVER going to win against Amanda, Aaryn or McCrae in the finale.

So here’s to the Exterminators, a great alliance. It’s the perfect group and the perfect time to form it, a ragtag bunch of misfits coming together to take out the big dogs. Why don’t the leftovers and floaters do this every season?

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