Over the weekend on Big Brother 15, I’d dare to say there was more actual gameplay than in the last month combined. Alliances shifted, new deals were made, plans were concocted and at the end of it we have a dramatic Power of Veto Ceremony.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

Amanda won the Power of Veto. She used it to save McCrae. Andy is the replacement nominee.

Just like that, 3 A.M. is officially dead and Aaryn, the competitive beast and villain of the first half of the season (until she took a backseat to Amanda) is going home. Amanda has complained a lot about how stupid Elissa is, but in reality, Elissa just called Amanda’s bluff and made the smartest decision ever by not succumbing to the plan to get GinaMarie on the block.

Once Amanda won the PoV, she concocted a master plan that involved McCrae, Aaryn, Andy and Spencer. She would start to psychologically torture Elissa, berating her with some of the most vicious attacks she’s made yet (including cruel remarks about her husband and children). Meanwhile, Andy and Spencer’s mission was to side with Elissa and convince her to put up GinaMarie as the replacement nominee, making her think that Andy would go home if he was on the block against Aaryn. The premise, originally, seemed to be saving 3 A.M. and blindsiding GM.

This didn’t work, mostly because Elissa trusts GM more than she trusts Andy. During all of this, Andy, Spencer, Judd and GM actually formed a new alliance, the Exterminators, putting Andy in an awkward position. Right after the ceremony, Amanda, Andy and McCrae sat down with Judd to explain it to him and say that they are voting to keep Andy, not that it matters since Andy’s new alliance already guaranteed him safety.

However, Andy’s lies are finally starting to catch up to him, and he’s in the awkward position of having to do a high-wire act in between McCranda and the Exterminators. It looks like all of those plates he’s been spinning are starting to fall, and he’s going to have to pick a side. Although knowing Andy, I’m sure he’ll try to float along to see who wins HoH next week before making his choice.

Whatever happens, I’m fairly confident Aaryn is going home. Andy has alliances with all five HGs who are voting this week and should get a unanimous vote. However, that could turn since all of his deals, secrets, lies and other questionable moves could come to light, especially if Aaryn gets dirty and throws him, and 3 A.M., under the bus (which won’t be that helpful since Andy already told Spencer about it).

The real test is next week. If Judd, Spencer, Andy or GM win HoH would they really nominate McCranda? I’ve heard that tale before, so I’ll believe it when I see it, but the fact that Elissa nominated McCranda’s two closest allies and best weapons is a great start.


-This is the ninth time the Power of Veto has been used this season, tying the number from season 7. The only season with more uses was last year, when it was used 10 times.

-Despite being used eight previous times, only three replacement nominees have been evicted: Nick, Jeremy and Judd. And only one of those, Jeremy, did not get to play in that week’s PoV competition. All of this bodes well, statistically, for Andy, as he is a replacement nominee and did not compete for the PoV.

-Now that McCrae and Andy were both nominated this week, every HG this year has been nominated at least once. Because McCrae was saved, however, he is the only person in the house who has never had to face an eviction vote.

-In addition, Amanda and GinaMarie have never been nominated by another HG, as both were America’s nominees for MVP.

-Because of the number of HGs this season, Andy and McCrae’s first nominations make this season tied with the earliest that everyone has been nominated in terms of number of HGs remaining. In season 6, Howie Gordon was the last HG to be nominated, at the Top 8, and in season 13, Kalia Booker and Daniele Donato both became the last HGs to be nominated at the Top 8 as well. In every other season, the last person to get their first nomination happened at the Top 7 or later.

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