Victor has won the Battle Back and is back on Big Brother 18. Normally, the return of an evicted houseguest would be a big deal in the Big Brother house. The houseguests of Big Brother 18 could not care less. Victor is an easy target, but he is neither Da’Vonne nor Frank, so therefore no one is really worried about him.

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Frank and Da’Vonne: At It Again

If anything, Victor’s second lease on Big Brother life is as a pawn of Paul, of all people. Paul, happy to finally contribute to the group, sinks his loud-mouthed claws into Victor almost immediately and convinces the gullible meathead that Paul is totally on his side. Really, Paul is just using him as another vote in his alliance. If Paul was smart, he’d also probably use Victor to start his own power plays, but let’s not get too crazy. Besides, while Da’Vonne and Frank are both in the house, nothing else is going to matter but their rivalry. 

The HoH competition becomes the newest battleground for the ongoing war between Frank and Da’Vonne/the entire rest of the house. It’s an endurance competition for Head of Household. Normally, this would be an easy excuse to hit your fast forward button or just flip to a different station. Just like with the Victor situation, Big Brother 18 defies convention. 

Deal Making…

While most of the HoH battle is the standard people getting kicked off one by one, things get really interesting when there are only three people left. Six hours and change into the competition, Da’Vonne, James and Bridgette are left standing. Frank decides to make a little deal for his cabbage patch kid Bridgette. Frank tells Da’Vonne that Bridgette (who does whatever Frank wants) won’t put up Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne won’t budge because she refuses to trust Bridgette, which is fair since Bridgette has probably not had a single thought all game.

Frank then pulls a Hail Mary pass and tells Da’Vonne that Nicole came to him and told Frank that Da’Vonne was targeting Frank before Victor. This is 100% true, and it is roughly the 50th instance where Nicole has pitted Frank and Da’Vonne against one another. It is deliciously sweet to see her finally get caught. (After the HoH competition, Nicole and Da’Vonne do patch things up, but Da’Vonne tells us in the DR that she really does not trust Nicole anymore. Nicole better hope that the showmance with Corey works out because it’s probably going to be the only successful thing she participates in during Big Brother 18.)

The Nicole bombshell doesn’t convince Da’Vonne to give the HoH to Bridgette, but she concedes that she will give it to James. When Frank tells Bridgette to do the same, she drops out with Da’Vonne. James becomes the new HoH and promises to not put both ladies up.

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…And Deal Breaking

This promise lasts all of five seconds. James fully intends to keep his word or, at the very least, wants to make Natalie happy by keeping his word. The rest of the house, who aren’t Frank or Bridgette, have no interest in having that happen. They all tell James to put up Frank against Bridgette, to ensure that one of them goes home. 

The most passionate of these persuaders is Paul. These are two savvy game moves from Paul in one episode. He is dreadful at competitions, so there is no way Paul is getting anywhere close to winning, but it is oddly refreshing to see him doing something other than scream about friendship and call himself “your boy!” 

To James’ moral credit, he does seem conflicted about going back on his word. Yet there is really no room for morality in the Big Brother 18 house. James is playing other people’s games, but Frank going home probably does ultimately benefit James. James goes back on his word and puts up Frank and Bridgette. Both of the bozos are shocked and angered at the betrayal, but I’m just quietly cackling to myself, getting ready for all the delicious drama that is coming. 

Big Brother 18 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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