Scorpion took a trip back to Walter’s homeland this week as most ot the team traveled to Ireland for a memorial dedication to his late sister Megan. And while the main focus was on Walter finding a way to get along with his family and childhood bullies (while also stopping a deadly cloud released from an exploding lake), there were also a few sparks for a potential new bromance between Walter and his rival Tim.

When Tim, the Homeland trainee and former Navy SEAL played by Scott Porter, first joined Team Scorpion, it was obviously just as a love interest for Paige. It’s an age-old cliché among procedural crime dramas, adding an outside romantic foil to delay the inevitable pairing of the two leads (because let’s be honest, we all know Walter and Paige will eventually be together just like Castle and Beckett or Booth and Brenann).

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However, in “Sly and the Family Stone,” Walter and Tim’s relationship moved to a new level. Toby hatched a plan to get the two to work together and while it was quickly exposed, it worked out for the best. Walter and Tim were able to work together to save the day, combining their strengths instead of fighting against each other.

Hopefully this will be the first step in a longer friendship, because making the two romantic rivals friends would be a smart and unexpected move for Scorpion. Walter and Tim have a lot in common, whether it’s their affection for Paige or their belief in the greater good (surely Tim’s Navy SEAL background makes him more than just a guy who can lift heavy things). Being accepted by Walter can definitely help Tim get closer to Team Scorpion and become a more integral member of the team, but the benefits are greater for Walter.

Scorpion is always looking for ways to help Walter adapt to normal life, and having an All-American friend like Tim would do that a lot better than when Walter befriended Ray from his days in community service. Walter’s growth as a character is dependent on human interaction, and who better to teach him how to be the kind of man Paige might someday be with than the man Paige is currently with?

The love triangle is a staple of television, which is why it’s always best to add a few new twists on the classic device. Instead of keeping Walter and Tim as rivals, each displaying their peacock-like feathers to impress Paige, why not make them best friends instead? With Toby and Happy getting married and Sylvester running for alderman, Walter needs something or someone to occupy his time. Je should be spending that time with Tim, bonding and getting to know each other. It would be worth it just to see Tim cancel a date with Paige so he can spend time with his new buddy Walter instead.

Not only is this an interesting path forward for the show, but it might be a devious master plan by Walter to make Paige fall in love with him. If Walter befriends Tim and she sees how much fun he can be, perhaps it will make Paige look at Walter in a new light. It’s the transitive property: If Paige likes Tim and Tim likes Walter, then Paige should like Walter. Those are probably terms Walter can understand.

Scorpion airs Mondays at 10/9c on CBS.

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