In the first season of Once Upon a Time, Henry played a pivotal role in saving his family and the characters trapped in Storybrooke. Since then, Henry has not had the opportunity to play the hero. He has been kidnapped by villains and he has helped bring his family together. In “I’ll Be Your Mirror,” Henry has become a true hero for the first time.

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A Foiled Plan 

Regina and Emma tried to trap the Evil Queen. Regina realized that the best way to get rid of her was to imprison her in the land behind the mirrors. This may have been a good plan, however, they failed, and the Evil Queen trapped them instead. I’m glad they did not get rid of Regina so quickly. Imprisoning her so quickly after building her character so much would have felt rushed and incomplete. The Evil Queen foiling their plan caused an obstacle for Emma and Regina, brought the Dragon back and provided Henry with the opportunity to shine. 

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Rejecting the Dark Side 

It did not take long for Henry to realize that the Evil Queen was posing as Regina. He quickly began searching for a way to free his imprisoned mothers. While he was in the vault, the Evil Queen came to him and tried to bring him to her side. There is no way Henry would ever side with evil. It was a little weak for the writers to even bring that up. Henry has stubbornly been on the side of the heroes since the beginning of Once Upon a Time. The Evil Queen did put Henry in an interesting position by trying to force him to kill the Dragon. Henry became a true hero when he chose to use hammer to smash the mirror rather than the Dragon’s heart. 

Leaving Storybrooke 

While Henry was defeating the Evil Queen, other characters were trying to leave Storybrooke. Aladdin stole the magic lamp from Rumple’s shop for Jasmine. She plans on using the lamp to find Agrabah. Belle is working with Zelena to try to find a way out of town. In this episode of Once Upon a Time, the writers not only turned Henry into a hero, but launched two potential storylines as well. 

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Brianna Odom

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