Now that most Walking Dead fans have recovered from an emotional season 7, I’m sure they’re craving some walker love. I know some have been skeptical of Fear the Walking Dead, but season 3 seems to promise more action and more walkers, which is why it is a good summer fill to hold Walking Dead fans over until the October season 8 premiere.

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Stop Being Skeptical

I know, it’s not Rick and company. In fact, Madison and Travis weren’t very likable people in the beginning. Season 1 was slow moving, as it took place at the beginning of the outbreak when people didn’t know what was going on. But toward the middle of season 2, the characters started to take shape, and viewers started to really care about the blended family and those they befriended along the way to Mexico.

But many Walking Dead fans are still skeptical. Don’t be! Once Madison made it to the Mexican resort, the way she took over was very Rick-like. She does have her faults though, her family. She’s obsessed with finding her son Nick, who went off on his own to find more people. And Travis becomes much stronger at the end of season 2. He fights for his family and kills someone when he finds out his son is dead. Again, moves that we’ve all seen Rick Grimes do.

Keep an Open Mind

Even though the characters are more likable going into season 3, I’m sure many Walking Dead fans will compare them to their favorites like Rick, Michonne, Carl and more. But instead of comparing, fans need to go into Fear the Walking Dead with an open mind. These characters, though they have some experience in the post-apocalyptic world, are still learning the ropes. They are still hopeful that things will be better once they get back into the United States. As viewers, we know things don’t really get better, as there are many more threats than walkers, but the characters need to get there.

Trust me, there have been times when I’ve yelled at the TV because I know what is going on, but I’ve had to open my mind to realize the characters don’t know yet! But I know they will. They are on the other side of the continent than our favorites in Alexandria, and they are a few years behind them too. Instead of being close-minded, think of all the possibilities that are coming. Perhaps Travis and Madison might even run into their very own Negan at some point!

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There Will Be Blood

If you’ve watched season 1 of Fear and thought it was slow with no action or blood or gore, have no fear (pun intended), season 2 picks up the pace and season 3 promises to be filled with more walkers, more blood and more conflict as the characters head back into the United States.

The characters will not only be dealing with the world conflict around them, but also with internal conflict as they deal with the consequences of their actions. Now that Travis has killed, how will it affect him or his family? Will Madison get reunited with Nick finally? And how will Alicia deal with Madison’s favoritism toward Nick? Plus, Travis is still dealing with the loss of his son, and Ofelia is off fending for herself after her father sacrificed himself, even though he was going crazy, to save everyone else.

Do you think you’ll give Fear the Walking Dead a chance? If you already watch it, why do you think Walking Dead fans should watch Fear? What do you like about it? Are you looking forward to season 3? Let us know in the comments below.

Season 3 of Fear the Walking Dead is set to premiere June 4 at 9/8c on AMC. Want more news? Like BuddyTV’s The Walking Dead Facebook page.

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