The Bachelor season 21 has been a trainwreck. It is an entertaining trainwreck to be sure and a vast improvement on Ben Higgins‘ season with his Midwestern “charm” and his tendency to always look like a deer in the headlights. When it comes to actually thinking that Nick Viall will find a wife or even a steady girlfriend at the end of all this, The Bachelor season 21 is not looking promising. But there might be hope when it comes to one girl. Vanessa is the only right choice for Nick Viall on The Bachelor this season.

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Being There for the Right Reasons

t’s not that Vanessa is the only girl on season 21 who’s “worthy of love” or even the only one who has a strong connection to Nick. There are actually several girls who seem like decent, normal and attractive people this season. Alexis is making a dominant play to end up on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. Both of the Danielles (M. and L.) appear to be decent people, though Danielle M. seems far better suited for The Bachelor‘s original pick of star, JoJo’s reject Luke Pell. Rachel is a very close second to Vanessa but she probably will and should be the next Bachelorette. The third episode of The Bachelor proved that out of anyone, Vanessa is best suited for Nick.

It is incredibly gross that Nick and Vanessa kissed, several times, following her puking incident during their first one-on-one date. Still, the events that preceded and followed Vanessa and Nick’s vomity make-out were perhaps one of the most honest dates The Bachelor has ever staged. It’s true that most of the date happened while the two were literally weightless. This is a situation that no one meeting on Tinder or eHarmony is going to replicate but the conversation and interaction between Nick and Vanessa felt like a conversation between two very real people. 

Vanessa does not seem fazed by Nick’s “celebrity” or the fact that she is on a TV show. She is working to be in an actual relationship with him and it is paying off. Vanessa is smart, mature and age-appropriate. That last one is very important and almost entirely glossed over by The Bachelor, considering most of the women vying for Nick were in diapers while Nick was awkwardly going through puberty. 

Confidence Without Drama

The best thing of all about Vanessa is that she is confident in a way that doesn’t call attention to herself or feel like she is being “dramatic.” There are so many girls on The Bachelor season 21 who just reek of desperation and immaturity. There doesn’t need to be more conversation about Corinne, whose entire personality can be summed up by a joke shirt from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt that reads “baby slut.” 

But it’s not just Corinne, other girls have a real disconnect from reality. Taylor is incredibly smart but every conversation with Nick makes it seem like she is trying to morph into someone that he is really not. Jasmine is on the edge of total mental collapse and may very well murder Corinne. Josephine, meanwhile, might as well be on another planet. Vanessa is poised, in control and knows who she is and what she wants from Nick.

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There were plenty of other girls who confronted Nick on Corinne’s behavior in the third episode of The Bachelor. No one was more concise, intelligent and reasonable than Vanessa. There have been plenty of Bachelor contestants who have questioned the girls being “there for the right reasons” but they have rarely been as measured as Vanessa. Vanessa didn’t attack Corinne or scold Nick for not paying enough attention to herself. She reasonably asked how Nick can be interested in someone like Corinne when she is so different and so focused on just one thing, sex, unlike Vanessa.

Vanessa is not getting swept away by the glamour of the show. She is wholly herself and she is willing to call Nick on his stupid behavior. After his series of televised romantic mistakes, Nick needs to be with and listen to someone like Vanessa. If Nick has any desire to actually find a mate at the end of the show, Vanessa is his best choice. 

But what do you think? Is Vanessa the right choice for Nick? What did you think of their first one-on-one date? Did Vanessa approach the Corinne situation better than anyone else? Who is your favorite to get the engagement ring from Nick this season?

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