The Bachelor is back and in full swing as Nick Viall starts his fourth televised journey to find love. After the season 21 premiere, some big moments have already happened. Corinne has established herself as the villain, Liz has established herself as a thirsty fame seeker and Rachel got the first impression rose. 

Though the first impression rose always gives the ladies safety on the first night it usually ends up meaning very little. The first impression rose is supposed to denote the contestant with the best connection with the star but it might be more interesting to give out roses with different meanings. Here are five unique first impression roses that Nick should have given out instead during The Bachelor season 21 premiere.

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Most Likely to Have a Breakdown and Leave Rose 

The Bachelor had a rather diverse cast of ladies to begin season 21. Of course, Nick took that group and eliminated them harshly, leaving mostly white, brunette girls standing. One of the few women of color to make it through, however, was Jasmine. Jasmine, who completely imploded about halfway through the first night and set off huge alarm bells for future freak-outs. Corrine has cemented her position as the chipmunk-faced villain of season 21 but Jasmine will certainly be one of the most unstable women in the competition. It is almost certain that Jasmine will have another huge freak-out and be one of the women who quits The Bachelor, unable to deal with the “pressure.” 

Most Likely to Cause a Scandal Rose 

When Nick Viall is judging you for going on a reality show, it is time to seriously think about your choices. Liz, AKA I had a one-night stand with Nick and that is my entire personality, could not have had a worse showing in the premiere. First she was happy when she thought Nick didn’t remember their night together which makes her different from pretty much every woman who has existed. Then when Nick revealed he did remember her she argued that she only joined the show after seeing him on Bachelor in Paradise. Nick’s look of silent horror after that line said it all.

Liz has no interest in actually falling in love with Nick and every interest in being on TV. At least that’s what everything that came out of her mouth in the premiere seemed to imply. So if there is any chance of a season 21 contestant causing a scandal, whether it’s sleeping with a producer or having some even deeper and darker secret, Liz is going to be that girl. 

Most Likely To be a Drunken Mess Rose 

There was definitely something up with Josephine when her profession was described as “unemployed nurse” and we saw her talk with her cat in her introduction package. Thanks to Corrine being a human monster, though, Josephine didn’t get much air-time to be crazy. It is definitely coming. Josephine, her eyebrows and a stiff drink will be a deadly and crazy combination on season 21. There wasn’t anyone who was as drunk and messy as Lace was in the season 20 premiere but if there is any girl who looks like she won’t be able to hold her liquor, it’s Josephine. 

Most Likely to Be There To Make Friends Rose 

The Bachelor franchise has two big catchphrases: “here for the right reasons” and “I’m not here to make friends.” Every so often, though, there is a contestant who is actually there just to make friends. In season 20 of The Bachelor there were the twins, who were never going to win Ben’s heart but won the affection of their fellow contestants and America. In season 12 of The Bachelorette there was Wells who had not a shot in hell with JoJo but conservatively 99.9% of the audience fell in love with him. 

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In season 21, Alexis the dolphin/shark girl is going to be the new lovable loser. Alexis is never going to win the season but she will probably stick around for quite some time because she is so entertaining. In the premiere there really was just the one joke of Alexis not knowing the difference between a shark and a dolphin. There is enough weird potential with her that she will be making us laugh both intentionally and unintentionally for a long time to come in season 21.

 Most Likely be a Surprise Villain Rose 

Chris Harrison’s urgings to the contrary, every season of The Bachelor is pretty much the same thing. There are definite tropes and roles that the ladies fall into during the course of the season. There’s always a villain and there is always some girl, usually after the main villain is eliminated but sometimes before, who makes her own play for being the most hated girl in the mansion. Hailey, AKA the girl going commando, has all the makings of a contestant just desperate and crazy enough to make an aggressive play for Nick and to fail miserably. Hailey is always going to look like small change next to trust-fund baby and professional nanny bully Corrine, but every good villain needs a sidekick or at the very least a disappointing follow-up. Hailey might be the underwhelming sequel to Corinne.

So what did you think of the ladies of season 21? Do you agree with these totally made up first impression roses? Who are your favorite ladies to win to the season? Who are your favorite ladies to be good TV? 

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