Nick Viall will soon take reality TV dating by storm when The Bachelor kicks off its season 21. But before we witness his fourth attempt at love, let’s look back at some of his most infamous moments.

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Nick Received Andi’s First Impression Rose

Nick quickly stood out when he received the coveted First Impression Rose from Andi Dorfman on night one of The Bachelorette season 10 and established himself as a frontrunner.

Nick Got Rejected by Andi

Despite their chemistry, Andi ended up choosing Josh Murray over Nick, resulting in his first heartbreak on television.

Nick Called out Andi for Sleeping with Him

Perhaps the worst and most notorious memory attached to Nick’s name is when he embarrassed Andi on After the Final Rose. “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why you made love with me,” the runner-up questioned Andi. This bombshell had devastating consequences, which most likely led to Andi and Josh’s eventual split. Given his aggressive nature and tendency to call it as it is, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Nick breaks a few more rules as the Bachelor.  

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Nick Pursued Kaitlyn

Nick may have arrived late (five episodes in to be exact) on The Bachelorette season 11 but that didn’t throw off his game when it came to pursuing Kaitlyn Bristowe. His arrival didn’t just cause confusion for the Bachelorette star, it also sparked tension among the men who perceived him as a threat.

Nick Slept with Kaitlyn

After their first one-on-one date together, Nick and Kaitlyn got hot and heavy in Dublin. Moaning sounds were heard and it’s safe to say that they did the dirty deed. While Nick walked out of the hotel room looking pleased, Kaitlyn was horrified Nick would tell the other guys about their tryst. Staying true his unconventional streak, it’s highly possible for Nick to make yet another impulsive move like this nowhere near the Fantasy Suite in season 21. On the other hand, he did say that he’s learned from his past mistakes so he’ll probably be more cautious this time around.

Nick vs. Shawn

The rivalry between Nick and Shawn Booth essentially took the spotlight on The Bachelorette season 11, especially after Kaitlyn admitted that she had sex with Nick during their one-on-one date. As Nick was painted as the villain, Shawn got very hostile with his rival.

Nick Got Dumped Again

Nick earned his status as a two-time runner-up when he got rejected by Kaitlyn in the finale of season 11. This time, however, he felt like a complete fool as Kaitlyn let him pull out a Neil Lane jewelry box only to stop him before he could open it. The rejection was pretty brutal and one that would make him question why he never gets the girl.

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Nick Redeemed Himself on Bachelor in Paradise

After two failed attempts to find love on The Bachelorette, where he was basically perceived as a villain, Nick joined the third season of Bachelor in Paradise, where he reunited with old-time rival Josh Murray. Nick basically came off as a hero as he stood up against Josh, who was the bad boy of the season.   

Nick Chose to Be Alone

Though Nick dated Jen Saviano for most of Bachelor in Paradise, Nick decided to end things with her in the finale. Their breakup was surrounded by controversy since Nick was announced as the next Bachelor star way before the finale aired. Based on his decision to walk away single, it’s clear that Nick isn’t the type who will settle for anyone just for the sake of not being alone, especially if there will be something or someone better along the way. 

The Bachelor season 21 premieres Monday, January 2 at 8/7c on ABC.

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