After a lackluster look into the Flashpoint universe that lasted one episode but was hyped up for the three months leading to the premiere, The Flash Season 3 has been running on fumes. Instead of actually enveloping us into the Flashpoint universe, we were sent back to the regular timeline, and left to figure out the differences in the characters we’d grown to love for two seasons. One of those changes is in Caitlin Snow, who is on the path to becoming Killer Frost.

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What’s Changed from Seasons 1 and 2?

In season 1, Caitlin was nothing more than a glorified love interest. She was around to help all of the men in her life, including Ronnie during his Firestorm path, and then used as the love catalyst/obsession that distracted Zoom.

Her being a doctor was the only reason she became part of Team Flash. She was used as The Flash’s personal doctor during all of the meta-human attacks, and her relationship with Harrison Wells (Eobard Thawne) and Cisco kept her at S.T.A.R. Labs after Robbie died when the particle accelerator exploded.

During Season 2, on Earth-2, we met her counterpart: Killer Frost. This version of Caitlin Snow had completely abandoned her humanity and embraced the inner cold that is currently fighting its way out in our Caitlin. Being paired with Ronnie as Deathstorm didn’t help either, but maybe without the villainous partner to keep her warm, Caitlin will attempt to keep her humanity in this universe.

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Her Journey to Killer Frost

Caitlin Snow’s journey seems to be the one (and possibly only) highlight of Barry’s trip. She’s growing into her icy powers, though how she will use those remains to be seen. The inner Killer Frost inside of her is fighting to show itself and take over, much like Magenta’s alter-ego did in The Flash¬†episode 3 of this season. We don’t know the background of the Earth-2 Caitlin and what caused her to stop fighting, if she did at all, but we know that this Caitlin is a good person deep down or she wouldn’t have helped Barry stop all of this destruction in Central City.

She has every reason to give up her hold on her goodness and humanity: she lost the love of her life, was tricked by a psychotic narcissist, and her relationship with her mother is practically non-existent. Her family is her friends, and even they have disappointed her, as the Harrison Wells she thought she knew was actually the Reverse Flash who killed Barry’s mother.

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Her Future

Caitlin Snow’s attempting to control whatever is inside of her, but it’s a losing battle. The more she uses her powers, which she’s begun to accidentally, the more they grow and the more powerful she becomes. Perhaps there’s a way for her to channel the energy to not take over her mind, like Cisco’s Vibe glasses let him channel his powers. But, for now, Caitlin’s powers are a secret.

This story, however, finally gives Caitlin Snow a purpose. Gone are the days she faded into the background to just boost the stories of the men around her. She’s become a real person, and The Flash is allowing her to shine. Even as she gave Jesse a pep-talk when she struggled with her powers and Wells fighting against her using them, she shone a light on her own struggle with her powers. Regardless of the path she goes down, Killer Frost is emerging, and it’s exciting.

But hopefully it’s not a situation where they treat her as the meta-human of the week, as The Flash has been seriously lacking on providing an intriguing story this season. The trip to Flashpoint was far too overhyped for the result, and it’s gone a bit downhill from then on. Yes, thankfully the Big Bad isn’t another speedster (as far as we know), but it’s all just a bit lackluster. Even Iris and Barry’s long-anticipated relationship isn’t dealing out the goodness we all know it can, and that it has in the past.

Caitlin’s story is the only interesting part of Season 3 as it’s the only story where we don’t know how it will end. Wally’s story will involve him becoming Kid Flash, Iris and Barry will end up happy, and Cisco will continue growing into his powers. Caitlin’s brush with evil could either completely take over and change the dynamic of Team Flash forever, or could be a growing pain for where her story where ultimately go. Either way, she could be facing an exit from The Flash.

What do you think? Will Killer Frost take over or will Caitlin be able to resist her evil side? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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