When it comes to Criminal Minds, no relationship can ever measure up to what Penelope Garcia had with Derek Morgan. The dynamic between the pair was so good that fans may never picture Penelope with another love interest — even if Derek is no longer on the show. However, the rather unusual tension between Penelope and newcomer Luke Alvez has left some fans wondering if there’s a possibility that the two may explore a romantic relationship down the road. Here are three reasons you should root for Luke and Penelope.

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Luke and Penelope Have Good Chemistry

Penelope and Derek arguably had the best relationship on Criminal Minds but there’s no denying that there’s also something special about her relationship with Luke. Most of Penelope and Luke’s scenes are pretty adorable (especially those awkward elevator scenes) and Penelope, who is mostly cheerful, flamboyant and fun-loving, notably comes off as aloof when it comes to Luke. With Penelope singling Luke out, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Penelope’s loathing eventually turns into infatuation. 

Luke Understands Penelope

Initially Penelope disliked the new guy simply because Luke was the one who took over Derek’s job. There’s plenty of resentment on Penelope’s part, causing her to give Luke such a hard time. Luckily, Luke understands where Penelope is coming from and seems determined to get in her good graces. 

Penelope Deserves Love

Though Criminal Minds has never been about romantic relationships, it doesn’t hurt to give its characters some love. Fans once rooted for “Morcia” and after years of genuine friendship and flirty exchanges between the two, it’s easy to see why people would hold out for the two of them to get together in the end. Penelope has and will always have a soft spot for Derek (and vice versa) but the reality is Derek is now a husband and a father. While Luke is not and will never be Derek, he can potentially be the man Derek can’t be for Penelope.

How do you feel about Penelope and Luke’s relationship? Do you think it has the potential to turn romantic? Can you picture Penelope and Luke together? Or are you still hoping she’d end up with Derek?

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Dean Bextor

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