Supergirl season 2 started off with Mon-El falling to Earth in a Kryptonian pod, launching Kara on a path of self-discovery, romance and intergalactic alien race relationships. Her people hated the Daxamite people, and Kara had to get over that to be able to see Mon-El for who he is. Too bad “who he is” was a lie that he made up to hide that he’s really the former Prince of Daxam.

His Relationship with Kara

Mon-El’s relationship with Kara has grown from lies and deception; he hid who he was from her for over half a year, and then he only came clean about his past when his parents discovered him on Earth and came to retrieve their darling son. Would he have ever told Kara the truth? Given what she thought about the Prince of Daxam when he was just an unknown entity, it’s doubtful that he would’ve ever risked losing her because she found out who he really was.

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Mon-El has a lot to make up for with Kara, and it’s going to take a big event for his redemption to actually be earned. Just the events from the Supergirl and Flash crossover, “Duet,” are not enough to excuse how long he lied to Kara, and the drastic nature of his lies. He pretended to be an entirely different person.

Why and How He Should Die

Mon-El’s death would be instrumental in finishing season 2 strong, especially since one of the big villains is only around due to him. Queen Rhea of Daxam is looking to take out Supergirl so her son will leave Earth and return to rule the Daxamite people. What lengths will she go to in her quest?

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If Mon-El died protecting Kara from his mother, it would be the ultimate redemption for his character. He will have changed completely; his entire life, blood was more important than anything else to him, and sacrificing himself to his mother to save the girl he loves is the kind of selfless act that the season has been building him up for.

It’s Time

Mon-El’s story has run its course. His story has started going in circles, and once his mother is no longer around, he’ll have nothing. His love story with Kara isn’t even interesting, and his death could be what propels Kara down a darker course in season 3. The CW loves its dark superhero shows, and Supergirl has managed to stay relatively light this season, but its ultimate goal is to channel the darkness.

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