The contestants of Big Brother 18 are faced with a decision. They have a choice of eviction, Tiffany the explosive cry-baby or Da’Vonne the ambitious schemer. (Natalie, as per usual, doesn’t really matter.) The choice, to any Big Brother 18 audience member, should be clear. Da’Vonne was and remains my favorite houseguest on Big Brother 18 but if the contestants were wise they’d jump on the opportunity to evict her as soon as possible.

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Tiffany Means Nothing

Tiffany talks a very good game on Big Brother 18. Or she talks a loud one anyway. Tiffany really isn’t a threat to anyone, however. Tiffany, at best, is a pawn for Frank and his game. Tiffany is an emotional wreck and a liability but she has already done everything possible to blow up other people’s games. Tiffany has no more cards to play as a Big Brother saboteur or in her words, “free agent.” There is no reason to be afraid of Tiffany. Tiffany has blabbed about the Fatal 5, she has come clean about the 8-Pack and she has tried to expose Da’Vonne numerous times. The ammo in Tiffany’s Big Brother 18 gun is exhausted. Paulie has tunnel vision to evict her but it is meaningless. 

The only thing that Tiffany has left to do is win competitions and there’s a very low chance of that happening. Tiffany is only really a threat if she wins HoH and to do that she needs to beat the entire house. Those are insane odds, especially since Tiffany is probably the number one target in the house, or possibly number two depending how many people dislike Frank at a given moment. Just like the Veto competition in week 5, everyone will be targeting Tiffany to get her out as quickly as possible in any competition. It’s a lot of pressure and Tiffany does not mix well with pleasure. 

Da’Vonne, on the other hand, still has a lot of cards to play. Even though the majority alliance is starting to trust her less than before, she’s in a far better position to make things happen than Tiffany. Da’Vonne might not be much better at competitions than Tiffany but she does understand the game better. It took Tiffany a very long time to realize she was on the outs of her alliance. Tiffany also has seemingly never grasped that she is the person who put herself on the outs due to erratic behavior. You can say what you will about Da’Vonne but she is never that tone deaf. Da’Vonne is a very perceptive Big Brother 18 player and in a house of people playing a week-to-week game that should make her very dangerous. 

Da’Vonne is the Biggest Threat in the Game

While Frank was the public enemy number one going into Paulie’s 2nd HoH reign, Da’Vonne is dangerous for the exact same reasons as Frank. Da’Vonne is ambitious, she has a lot of alliance members (or did) and she’s been utterly ruthless in trying to get out people in the game. Da’Vonne might not be the best player in Big Brother 18 but she’s arguably the biggest threat. 

Da’Vonne is playing one of the hardest and most aggressive games in the house. It makes Da’Vonne interesting to watch and her Diary Room sessions continue to be an utter delight but she’s a dangerous player. If the houseguests want to get rid of her, now would probably be the best time — it’s unlikely they are going to get her in such a vulnerable position again. She has been a big source of drama lately in the house with her lies being exposed about Frank and Tiffany. Da’Vonne is also relatively comfortable thinking that Tiffany is the main target of the week.

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Of course, the Battle Back is still in play but the houseguests don’t know that fact yet.

For the sake of argument though, let’s say they figure it out. The Battle Back doesn’t really matter. Da’Vonne getting evicted and winning the Battle Back could be so much more dangerous that just letting her stay in the game. Really though, anyone but Glenn or Jozea returning to Big Brother 18 is going to cause a lot of waves. Da’Vonne is not unique in that way. 

It’s best for the Big Brother 18 players to evict Da’Vonne and keep witless Tiffany. Then when the Battle Back is revealed they just have to hope Da’Vonne keeps up her losing streak at competitions. It’s not a very hard hope to believe. As much as it pains me to say, if Da’Vonne doesn’t get evicted as soon as possible she should be the next number one target after Frank. 

But what do you think? Should Da’Vonne be evicted? Do you want her to be evicted? Is Tiffany a bigger threat than Da’Vonne? Would you evict Da’Vonne or try to work with her?

Big Brother 18 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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