When Big Brother 18 began, for whatever reason, Tiffany became a huge topic of discussion. Even though Tiffany is not the only sibling of a former Big Brother player, she became an object of a lot of suspicion and a lot of intrigue. People in the Big Brother 18 house wanted to work with Tiffany because of her sister, and people want to get rid of her because of her sister. Neither option made a terrible amount of sense, but it led to Tiffany being one of the most talked-about houseguests.

It also put a lot of pressure on Tiffany, pressure that she hasn’t been able to handle, since she has cried almost as much as her sister did in an entire summer in just one month. All that pressure reaches a boiling point in this episode of Big Brother 18 as Tiffany finally starts to be active with her craziness. Hell hath no fury (or unpredictability) like an emotional Big Brother player.

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Secrets Exposed

Things start off with a yell as Da’Vonne gets caught in a lie almost immediately after the Head of Household competition. Tiffany tells Frank that Da’Vonne said that Frank was targeting Tiffany. This obviously upsets Frank (and Da’Vonne) and causes a big shouting match between them. 

This fight should be glorious because Frank is the most toxic of dudebros, but Da’Vonne is actually lying here. So it is hard to root for her. Still, the fight gets out that Da’Vonne and Frank are gunning for each other, which I suppose is more interesting than them whispering and insulting each other behind their backs.

Hurricane Tiffany Blows In

Really, though, the Frank and Da’Vonne argument just sets the stage for Tiffany to realize something very important: no one in the house likes or wants to work with her. To prove that everyone’s feelings are valid, Tiffany has another Tiffany-esque breakdown. She cries, tells Frank that the entire house is gunning for him and is just generally a terrible Big Brother 18 player and/or an emotional wreck. Probably less than hour ago, Tiffany was telling the house that Frank was dictator. Now he is her best friend. 

It’s stupid that people started targeting Tiffany because of her sister. It’s even stupider that Tiffany can’t go more than five minutes without completely losing all her mental crap and constantly flip-flopping.

The terribleness of Tiffany’s gameplay is inversely proportional to how interesting she is for TV, however. As Tiffany completely flips the script and starts telling Frank about the plot against him, the house and drama kick into high gear. This is not what anyone thought would happen if Tiffany stayed in the house. While most of Big Brother 18 has been enjoyable because the “right” — aka, the most annoying —  people were getting evicted, the machinations were rather boring and straightforward. A target was named, and there was very little campaigning to get rid of them. Tiffany’s unpredictability makes things actually exciting and unexpected for perhaps the first time this season.

To quote Da’Vonne, “Don’t get it twisted.” I still desperately want Frank (and now Tiffany) out of this house, but I’m okay with my favorites having to work a little bit harder to get what they want on Big Brother 18. It’s not fun to watch if everything is easy.

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The Obvious Nominations and Surprising Road Kill

Knowing once and for all that Tiffany can’t be trusted, Paulie puts her up for eviction against Natalie. This just enhances the tension even more. It all leads to one of the most exciting Road Kill challenges of the season. Well, the results are exciting anyway; the challenge itself is another simply designed but hard to complete task. (In other words, BB Road Kill remains boring to watch but interesting to deal with in the fallout.) As for those aforementioned results, Tiffany wins Road Kill. Hurricane Tiffany is going to keep coming, so everyone better hold on to their butts.

In true Tiffany fashion, her nomination is just as wild as her hair style. Tiffany goes to Da’Vonne and tells her that she won. Yet Tiffany tells Da’vonne that she is going to put up Corey for eviction, not Da’Vonne. Corey is the exact opposite of a threat, but I’m not going to complain that Tiffany is going after the dumb smiling giant. Da’Vonne is a way smarter choice for Tiffany, but it’s better for my mental health if Da’Vonne is safe. I’m fine with all three of the potential nominees leaving. Of course, things will probably not stay this happy for long. 

Big Brother 18 airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 8pm and Thursdays at 9pm on CBS.

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