JoJo Fletcher inches closer to finding her match on The Bachelorette as she travels across the country to visit Chase, Jordan, Luke and Robby in their hometowns and get to know their families. But while she expects to get more clarity out of the hometown dates, it looks like she’ll be more confused as ever when it comes to the Rose ceremony.

Warning: This article may contain spoilers.

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JoJo’s first stop on Monday’s episode is Colorado where Chase reveals that JoJo will be meeting his parents seperately due to their bitter divorce. JoJo learns more about Chase’s reservations when it comes to opening up his feelings from his father but will that be enough convince the Bachelorette to take her relationship with Chase to the next level?


Later JoJo heads to Chico, California to meet Jordan. He gives her a nostalgic tour of his hometown, including his old high school, where JoJo learns more about Jordan’s past. Upon meeting Jordan’s family, however, Jordan’s estrangement from his brother Aaron takes center stage. 

“Is that something that we don’t talk about?” JoJo asks  in the clip released by E! News

“It doesn’t need to be a topic,” responds Jordan. 

But more drama awaits JoJo in Florida, where Robby takes her out in St. Augustine’s historic downtown district.  When his mom shares the news the there are rumors being spread about him and his intentions with JoJo, the Bachelorette confronts Robby about his ex-girlfriend, whom he broke up with just months before the show. 

“You broke up to go on the show,” says Robby’s mother.

“Robby, just be honest with me,” JoJo says

“I’m being dead honest!” Robby maintains, before claiming that none of the rumors are true.

JoJo’s last hometown stop is in Burnet, Texas, where Luke introduces not just his family but practically the whole town. Luke then plans an elaborate romantic scenario to profess his love,  “All those people have a big part of my heart but my heart is yours.”  But is it all too much for JoJo?

The end of the episode, however, is where the tears pour in for JoJo. Just as the Rose ceremony is about to begin, Luke interrupts to ask JoJo if they can talk. Though it’s uncertain what their conversation is about, JoJo is later seen having a meltdown. “I feel out of control right now,” she says. “My heart is broken.”

Who or what do you think made JoJo cry?

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8pm on ABC. 

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