Everyone’s favorite show Whose Line is it Anyway?, where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter, is back! Ryan Stiles, Colin Mochrie and Wayne Brady are all returning, with new host Aisha Tyler.

To get ready, let’s take a look back at the top 20 best moments from the show’s original run on ABC. From Ryan breaking the glass lights and Colin grabbing everyone inappropriately to Richard Simmons and the Ryan/Colin banter, you’ll be on the floor laughing the entire time.

#20 Wayne’s Voice Recorder Prank

During one episode, Drew Carey had a voice recorder with his voice saying, “1000 points!” He used it throughout the show, but during a commercial, Wayne decided to pull a prank and record a new message, causing Drew to be confused when he hit play.

#19 Dead Bodies

When Drew brings down audience members to participate, they’re usually the ones who cause the most laughs. This time, it’s Colin, who has to juggle three different people at once.

#18 Fluff Your Garfield

Colin’s not the best at coming up with “If You Know What I Mean” euphemisms, but it’s his final one that is the best one of them all.

#17 Greg Proops Wears a Fish Mask

Each person must wear various hats and masks to present the World’s Worst Dating Service Video. But when it’s Greg Proop’s turn, he’s can’t pull it together and we hear him snorting underneath a big fish mask. He tops it off with a hilarious off-the-cuff remark.

#16 Irish Drinking Song: Colin Has Everyone Laughing

Keep watching until the very end because the final line of this Irish Drinking Song is both inappropriate but extremely funny, and everyone’s bowled over laughing — even Laura Hall stops playing the piano.

#15 Colin Mochrie — the Body Grabber

During a game of Party Quirks, Colin goes all in to determine everyone’s gender. He gets pretty intimate with the others, going so far that the show has to constantly censor him and cover up what he’s doing. Ryan’s left to covering himself from both front and behind, and Wayne’s stuck on the floor in fits of giggles.

#14 Chips Ahoy!

Ryan and Colin are featured in most of these Best Moments because, well, let’s face it — Whose Line wouldn’t be Whose Line without those two. But here, the highlights come from Wayne and Chip, who both do a play on words with Chip’s first name.

#13 Green Screen: Colin Reporting on Colin

The comedians always love to make fun of Colin’s baldness. Here’s one of the best examples of that, during a Green Screen sketch featuring Colin himself. From Colin coincidentally saying, “It all started with a badly timed bald joke,” to the look on his face when he figures out what’s on the screen behind him, it’s golden.

#12 The Voice of God

Sound Effects is always a hilarious game to play since you never know what noises will come out of the audience members’ mouths. This is one of the best ones because of the voice of God.

#11 Ryan’s Reaction to Colin’s Arctic Tern Impression

Ryan cracking up over something Colin says is always a favorite among fans. Here, during Greatest Hits, Colin makes a strange bird “Backstreet Boys” noise that cracks Ryan up.

#10 Ryan Breaks the Glass Lights

This is one of the all-time classic moments on Whose Line, During Party Quirks, Ryan is playing Carol Channing whose head keeps sticking to things. But he didn’t know what he was getting himself into when he rammed his head into Drew’s desk, causing the lights to break and glass goes everywhere.

#9 Irish Drinking Song: Colin Makes Everyone Lose It

Colin’s always the one who finishes out the Irish Drinking Song. And because he gets the last laugh in, it’s up to him to provide the best zingers — this one is so off the wall and pulls everyone into hysterics. I don’t know how he can keep a straight face the entire time!

#8 The YMCA in Double Time

First off, Wayne doesn’t know how to spell Howard. But that’s not the best part. Pianist Laura Hall makes a mistake and the song goes into double time; the comedians are quick on their feet, though — literally.

#7 African Chant: Backup Dancers Ryan and Colin

Wayne and an audience member may be at the forefront of this African Chant, but it’s Colin and Ryan who steal the show when they and Kathy Greenwood act as backup dancers/singers.

#6 Ryan’s Reaction to Colin’s Tapioca Joke

The best moments on sketch comedy shows, whether it’s SNL or Whose Line, are when someone breaks character and cracks up. And some of the best moments of this on Whose Line happen between Ryan and Colin, with Ryan always being the one who laughs. Here, he’s laughing so much he can hardly go on after Colin’s “Tapioca” joke.

#5 Sound Effects: A Pregnant Colin on a Roller Coaster

One of the top two Sound Effects from Whose Line. A pregnant Colin on a roller coaster? What could go wrong? But that’s not the best part, it’s what he does when starting to give birth that has everyone in hysterics.

#4 Sound Effects: The Quacking Elephant

Possibly the best Sound Effects game in Whose Line history. Sometimes audience members are hesitant with their Sound Effects, as these women were. Once Ryan says he’s going to make a duck sound, they’re all in. They get so excited that a quacking elephant is involved. Enjoy!

#3 & #2 Colin Saying “Meow” / Drew Says “Arlurlyleg”

During an early segment of this episode, Colin said “Meow” in a hilarious way, and it became a running joke through the rest of the show, where he would keep saying it. It all culminated in the Irish Drinking Song at the very end — but this is a double whammy because Drew slurs his words, causing Ryan to mock him, and everyone loses it. Colin decides to get in one more meow, creating one of the best moments ever on Whose Line.

#1 Richard Simmons Guest Stars

All of the clips up until now have obviously been funny, but they’ve got nothing on the best and most hilarious sketch in Whose Line history, featuring Richard Simmons and all his inappropriateness. I’ll leave it at that … enjoy! (For a slightly longer but lower quality version of this clip, click here)

What are you favorite Whose Line moments? Did any make this list? And what would be your number one favorite moment?

Whose Line is it Anyway? premieres Tuesday, July 16 at 8pm on The CW.

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