If you knew your doctor acted like any of the following, you’d see someone new immediately. But, since they’re on television, we can’t help but tune in to their bad behavior. Check out some of the most unethical and corrupt doctors on television.

#10 Leo Spaceman, 30 Rock

Spaceman’s unethical practices stemmed from his sheer incompetency. Not only did he attend the Ho Chi Minh School of Medicine, introduced himself as “Nazi doctor” and even used “doctor” in air quotes. The physician also had questionable beliefs about medicine: medicine wasn’t a science and meat kept the spine straight. Oh, and he had no idea where the heart is located. Who knew medicine could be so hilarious?

#9 Christian Troy, Nip/Tuck

As a plastic surgeon, he constantly wrestled with the moral ethics of his job. That was, in between all the sex that he was having, whether it be former co-workers, patients or even his best friend/business partner’s wife. He also accepted $300,000 from a mobster and removed liquid heroin implants from a drug dealer — although he was being blackmailed.

#8 Meredith Grey, Grey’s Anatomy

Sure, she eventually got her job back but that doesn’t mean what she did is any less grave. She tampered with the Alzheimer’s clinical trial, the one her husband was heading, so that the chief’s wife who has Alzheimer’s did not get the placebo. During this time she and Derek were also trying to adopt, and after getting fired, did not disclose that information to the adoption counselor.

#7 Jackie Peyton, Nurse Jackie

Ok, so she’s not a doctor but this emergency room nurse does all that she can to help her patients, even if it means crossing the line, like forging a donor card of a man who died and stealing money from a man who stabbed a prostitute and giving it to a pregnant widow. It’s just another day’s work. She does it all while trying to keep in check her prescription drug addiction, and was even in a relationship with a pharmacist to have easy access to the pills.

#6 Gregory House, House

Lying, drunkenness, forging documents and decisions without the patient’s consent — those are some of the unethical activities that this controversial medical doctor engaged in. But his brilliance is what made him widely respected, even with unconventional and sometimes radical approaches, though it didn’t come without great conflict with his colleagues because of it.

#5 Grace Devlin, The Mob Doctor

Being a surgeon’s hard enough — then add working for the mob in order to pay off her brother’s debt. She worked on mobsters wanted by the police for an array of crimes or other bad people. But she drew the line at murder.

#4 Evelyn Vogel, Dexter

She turned Dexter’s world upside down after revealing the fact that she’s the creator of Code of Harry, a set of “moral” guidelines and rules on killing. She essentially created the Dexter that now lives and breathes on killing bad guys. And it turns out that Dexter isn’t Vogel’s only student, but many other sociopaths who were on the path to becoming a killer.

#3 Oliver Thredson, American Horror Story: Asylum

At first you believed this psychiatrist is patient, calm and believed compassion could help some of the patients rather than just viewing them as insane. All of that is just an act because once his “Bloody Face” alter ego comes out, he’s a murderer who has deep abandonment issues from childhood.

#2 Hannibal Lecter, Hannibal

What’s brilliant about Dr. Hannibal Lecter isn’t the fact that he’s a cannibalistic serial killer but also a top forensic psychiatrist and controls the environment that way, specifically with the criminal profiler that he works with. He makes him believe that he’s mentally ill and frames him for the crimes that he committed.

#1 Arthur Arden, American Horror Story: Asylum

This physician was also a Nazi war criminal so there’s that. He lived with his own set of moral codes and didn’t believe in anesthesia when he performed his twisted experiments on his patients, who were all those with no family members and were believed to have died of natural causes and then cremated. Arden’s experiments turned the patients into “creatures” because they were so severely altered and mutated.

Esther Gim

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