The Big Brother 17 finale is a week away, but the winner won’t be the only one walking away with money. The poll is now open for fans to vote for America’s Favorite Player, an honor that comes with $25,000. The winner will be revealed during the finale.

Past recipients include Janelle Pierzina, Jeff Schroeder (twice), Britney Haynes and Donny Thompson. But who will take the prize this year?

If we’re being honest, it’s very easy to limit the potential winners to a handful of candidates. There’s no way Jace or Jeff or Austin or the twins are going to win.

Da’Vonne, Jason and even Audrey were memorable personalities, but evicted way too soon. Every Fan Favorite winner has finished in the Top 8, although it’s worth noting that in season 15, one of the three finalists was Howard Overby, who got evicted without making it to the jury.

Realistically, there are only two HGs with a realistic shot at winning the prize: James and John. They’re two of the most beloved HGs of the season according to almost every poll. They’ve had plenty of screentime and came across as very likable.

Johnny Mac is the King of the Diary Room, which can go a long way in winning Fan Favorite. Other HGs complain about how boring he is in the house and all he does is sleep, but Donny received similar complaints last year, yet still got over 50 percent of the vote. He’s made it very far and provided a lot of entertainment, being the one wild card in a house full of people too scared to make big moves.

But the one other person who made big moves is James. The Asian hillbilly wasn’t afraid to get blood on his hands, but also kept the show fun with all of his crazy pranks. He’s extremely likable and, playing for his daughter, has the emotional argument for why fans would want to give him the extra $25,000.

Given fan reaction to this season, I’d be shocked if anyone else managed to win Fan Favorite. Steve is kind of sweet, but not that great in the diary room. And while I doubt it will happen, there does seem to be a small yet devoted fan base for Basic Becky.

Who do you think will and should win the Fan Favorite Award for Big Brother 17?

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