When it gets down to the Final 4 on Big Brother 17, the Power of Veto is all that matters. After Austin was evicted, Steve won HoH and guaranteed himself a spot in the finale, but winning PoV means you get to decide who goes with you. So who won the last Power of Veto of the season?

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Steve nominated John and Vanessa.

Vanessa won the Power of Veto.

Obviously Vanessa will save herself with Liz going up as the replacement nominee. This means Steve and Vanessa are definitely in the finale, but what will Vanessa do?

Johnny Mac was her target last week and she could still be worried that Steve would take him over her to the end. On the other hand, Liz is probably more dangerous, especially after Austin’s outburst, and would probably beat Vanessa in the finale. Evicting John would basically ensure that Vanessa gets to the Final 2, but keeping John would be her best chance of winning the game.

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Wednesday night will be interesting as, once again, Vanessa must make a tough decision and get all of the blood on her hands. If I were a betting man, I’d say she’s going to take out Johnny Mac, but I wouldn’t bet a lot on it.


-Vanessa is the 16th person to win three PoVs in a single season. But she’s only the fifth woman to do it, following season 7’s Janelle Pierzina, season 8’s Daniele Donato, season 11’s Michelle Noonan and season 12’s Britney Haynes.

-Vanessa is only the fourth person to ever win seven competitions in a single season, joining Janelle, Daniele and season 15’s Frankie Grande.

-Vanessa is also only the fifth person to win at least 3 HoHs and 3 PoVs in a single season. The others are Janelle, season 14’s Frank Eudy and season 15’s Cody Calafiore and Frankie.

-This will be the 11th time Vanessa will cast a vote this season. Only five other people have cast that many, including Austin this year. Every single person she voted for was evicted.

-This is John’s ninth nomination. The only other people nominated that many times were season 15’s Spencer Clawson (also nine) and season 16’s Victoria Rafaeli (10).

-This is the fifth time John is eligible to be evicted. Only eight other HGs have ever faced that many evictions.

-Steve is the 22nd HG to win three HoHs in a single season. He’s also the 18th HG to win five competitions (3 HoHs and 2 PoVs) in a single season.

-John has now played in 27 HoH and PoV competitions (15 HoHs and 12 PoVs). That ties the all-time record for most comps set by season 16’s Victoria.

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-John ties the all-time record for playing in the most PoV competitions with 12, set by season 16’s Caleb Reynolds.

-Vanessa has played in 11 PoV competitions, something only done by Caleb and John plus season 5 winner Drew Daniel, season 14’s Shane Meaney and season 16’s Victoria.

-Except for the first four evicted HGs (Jace, Da’Vonne, Jeff and Audrey), every other HG this season has been nominated at least twice.

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