Whether you like it or not, Andy Herren, GinaMarie Zimmerman or Spencer Clawson will win Big Brother 15. On Wednesday’s live finale, the nine-person jury will vote to give one of them half a million dollars.

Sure, each of them has their own baggage. Every time GM opens her mouth and attempts to use a word longer than two syllables, I weep for the American public education system. She also called food stamps “n-word insurance,” although she used the n-word. Spencer has praised Hitler’s oratory skills and made jokes about child pornography while using the c-word to refer to every single woman in the house.

And while Andy may not be as bad, he’s said some pretty cruel things about Elissa, even mocking her son’s artistic abilities, while being the biggest rat the show has ever seen, spilling everything that anyone has ever told him in confidence.

Nonetheless, one of them will win, and here are my predictions.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Big Brother 15 spoilers.

GM won part 1 of the final HoH competition while Andy won part 2.

They will face off in the live third part Wednesday night, and I firmly believe the winner of that competition will win the game.

It seems quite clear that both GM and Andy will take Spencer with them to the finale. They both know that they are each other’s biggest threat. GM has some friends in the jury and, as the HoH who nominated and got rid of Amanda, she’ll have a big move to gloat about. And Andy has lied and manipulated his way to the end, which shows he’s played the game. He’s also won more competitions than either of the other finalists.

So Spencer will get dragged to the end once again after serving as the ultimate pawn, getting nominated eight times (the ninth will be when the final HoH has to choose who to evict). That hasn’t given him much to do in the game, and the only time he won HoH, a member of his own alliance was evicted. In other words, beating Spencer at the end seems like a sure thing.

Let’s look more closely at the two possible finales.

Andy vs. Spencer

I genuinely believe this could be a unanimous vote, giving Andy the second Perfect Game in the history of the series (no eviction votes cast against him and a unanimous jury vote). Season 10’s Dan Gheesling is the only person to do this. He’ll definitely have Helen’s vote, and despite the belief that the jury will be bitter, I don’t think the bitterness will be strong enough to make them give it to Spencer. At the end of the day, fans like Aaryn, McCrae and Judd will have too much respect for the game to reward someone who did as little as Spencer did. Spencer’s only potential vote, as I see it, would be GM, who would simply be angry Andy evicted her.

GM vs. Spencer

This is a tough one. We know from the jury house footage that Judd and Elissa are on Team GM, but Amanda and Candice would sooner die than give her the win. I feel safe in assuming Aaryn and Helen would also go with GM, which McCrae and maybe Andy would stick with Spencer. That leaves Jessie as a swing vote, and since she’s a follower who hates Amanda, I think she’ll go along with Judd, Aaryn and Helen and spite Amanda by voting for GM, thus giving the Staten Island former pageant coordinator a narrow 5-4 win.

My Prediction

The final part of the HoH is always a series of questions about the evicted HGs. Since Andy took the time to get to know everyone, I give him the edge. Technically he was in alliances with almost everyone in the jury (McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Helen, Elissa, Aaryn) and got to know them quite well, while GM was far more standoffish.

So I predict Andy will win the final HoH, evict GM, and then beat Spencer in a final jury vote of 8-1. I want it to be unanimous, but I’m giving myself some wiggle room. I’ll say GM will be the one vote for Spencer, but it would be someone else (maybe Judd or a spiteful Elissa, upset over Andy framing her for Amanda’s eviction).

And to be honest, I can live with that. Unlike the vast majority of HGs this season, Andy actually played the game from start to finish. His gears were always turning and everything he did was calculated to help him win the game. He aligned with powerful forces to get him farther and betrayed them at the right times when he realized he couldn’t beat them. Also, since Julie Chen called this a “no-floater summer” because of the MVP twist, the idea of someone the Zingbot called a floater winning the game is delightfully ironic.

Who do you want to win Big Brother 15? And who do you think will win? Will the jury be as bitter as the final 3 are predicting, or will calmer and cooler heads prevail?

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