Big Brother 14 was a very unusual season. At times it felt like the most boring one ever (see Frank’s second HoH reign when he evicted Wil) and at other times, it was the most exciting season ever (Dan’s funeral).

'Big Brother 14' By-the-Numbers: Male Domination and More All-Time Records

The one thing that is undeniable is that it was a season of records. Big Brother 14 had some of the biggest winners and losers in the history of the game, as well as the most lopsided gender disparity ever. And now there’s a chance it could end with a big record as well. Here are just some of the statistical records set during this season.

Most Competition Wins by Men: 21 out of 26 (81 percent)

There were 13 HoH competitions and 13 PoV competitions this season, and men won almost all of them (including the special second Veto from Pandora’s Box and the final HoH, which is between Dan and Ian). Men won 11 of 13 HoHs and 10 of 13 PoVs, both of which are records for a single season. In total, men won 81 percent of the competitions this season, compared to the previous high of 71 percent in seasons 9 and 12. The saddest part is that, for the five wins the women had, four of them came from one person, Danielle.

Most Nominations: Frank Eudy

Technically Frank tied the all-time record by getting nominated six times before being evicted. Only two other HGs have ever achieved this record: Amy Crews from season 3 and Sharon Obermueller from season 9.

Most Individuals with Five or More Wins: Shane Meaney, Frank Eudy, and Ian Terry

Prior to this season, there were only eight HGs in the history of the game to win five or more competitions in a single season. And the only time more than one person did it in the same year was season 9 with Ryan Quicksall and Crazy James Zinkand. But in season 14, three different HGs achieved this impressive feat as Ian, Shane, and Frank all earned five or more competition wins.

Six or More Wins in a Single Season: Shane Meaney, Frank Eudy, and Maybe Ian Terry

Prior to this season, only three HGs had ever won six or more competitions in a single season: Janelle Pierzina during All-Stars, Daniele Donato in season 8, and Rachel Reilly in season 13. This year two more HGs joined that elite group as Frank and Shane both won six competitions. And there’s a chance another HG will since Ian could win a sixth competition if he wins the final HoH. This season could double the number of HGs with six or more wins.

Most Consecutive PoV Wins: Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy

In season 9, Crazy James Zinkand set the record by winning three Power of Veto competitions in a row. This season that record was tied not once but twice. First Shane did it, then Frank did as well.

The Three PoV Curse: Shane Meaney and Frank Eudy

This season Shane and Frank both won at least three Power of Veto competitions, joining an elite group of nine other HGs who have done this in a single season. And they also continue an impressive record as none of these people have ever won the game. The curse continues: If you win three or more PoV competitions, you will NOT win the game.

Worst Finish with Three HoH Wins/Five Total Wins: Frank Eudy

Including Frank and Ian from this season, 12 HGs have won at least three HoH competitions in a single season. And 11 of them finished in the top four. But Frank certainly set an impressive record by winning HoH three times, yet still getting evicted in 7th place. Frank also has the record for the worst finish out of anyone who has won five or more competitions in a single season (previously it was Crazy James Zinkand from season 9 who finished 6th with five wins).

Most HoH/PoV Wins in the Same Week: Four

In season 6, Rachel Plencner, Janelle Pierzina, and April Lewis all won the HoH and PoV in the same week. In season 14, that same feat happened four times as Shane, Frank, and Danielle (twice) managed to win both the HoH and PoV in the same week. In addition, Danielle is the only player to ever do this twice.

POTENTIAL RECORD – Youngest Winner Ever: Ian Terry

This may or may not happen, but if Ian wins the game, he will set the record as the youngest winner ever, winning at just 21.5 years (the finale falls exactly on his half birthday). This would narrowly edge out season 1 winner Eddie McGee, who was 21 years, 7 months, and 5 days old when he won.

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