This episode of iZombie, titled “Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Brain,” is full of pick-up lines and drop-dead drama. Clive finally decides to take advantage of his open relationship with Dale, Chase Graves and Major track down people selling brain tubes on the black market and Liv hits on just about everyone. Keep reading to find out the deets!

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Figuring It Out

Liv and her human-smuggling Renegade crew are struggling to figure out who and how to sneak into the city. Even after they have gotten them in and turned, they need to figure out how to feed the new zombies. One of the crew mentions the zombie church led by “Brother Love,” aka Angus, and their mission to feed hungry zombies. Liv and Levon agree to investigate.

Chivalry is Dead — And So is This Guy

Over at a bar across town, Liv, Ravi and Clive investigate the murder of a wingman for hire. Ultimately, it’s a superdouche ladies man whose lover had found him dead that morning. Due to the rash on his abdomen, Ravi deducts that Max (the deceased in question) had been poisoned. Liv cooks up his brains in the hopes that a vision can help solve the case.

That Girl is Poison

Ravi discovers that Max’s condoms were poisoned, and that is how the chemical entered his skin. They conduct interviews with several different women who previously had intercourse with Max, and Zoe Ward, a zombie. Zoe, who had sent emoji-embellished texts to Max’s phone, claims that she threatened him for what he did to a friend of hers.

Lillywhite, Black Market

Chase Graves asks Major to try to figure out who is selling brain tubes on the black market. Major knows of one name, Russ Roach, whom he helped identify after Liv previously had a vision of him selling brain tubes on the black market. As Chase continues to search his office for electronic bugs, he instructs Major to get closer to Russ Roach and find out more.

Brother Love

Liv and Levon walk the streets in search of the zombie church. Since Liv ate the brains of Max, she becomes increasingly forward and flirtatious. The finally stumble upon Brother Love’s church and find it empty. Angus introduces himself, and they inquire about feeding some newly-turned zombies. Since the access to brains includes the free weekly dinner at Romero’s, Liv is shocked to learn that Angus is Blaine’s father.

Tinder Lovin’ Care

At the lab, Peyton catches Clive on Tinder. He is open about his struggles with the open relationship he has with Dale. Ravi volunteers to be a wingman later that night. After failing a few times, douchey wingwoman Liv shows up to try things her way. When that also proves fruitless, Clive ditches them. It is only later that we see him knock on a door that is answered by a woman in lingerie.

Press-ing the Wrong Buttons

A newspaper headline causes Chase to call a meeting. The article is titled “Martyr Leone” and talks about the tragic execution of Mama Leone and her mission to save humans by turning them. Chase orders the matter to be taken care of and checks in with Major on any progress with Russ. He puts Major in charge of the press takedown.

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Don’t Wear It Out

Major and the other Fillmore Graves soldiers storm in with guns blazing at the newspaper. All of the employees are instructed to leave and not take anything with them; they fight back, but shots are fired and things escalate quickly. One brave woman stands her ground and tells Major, “What do we expect from the Chaos Killer?” to which he calmly and eerily replies, “That’s my name baby; don’t wear it out.”

Paying the Price

The morning after his night with a special lady companion, Clive is late to work. Dale comes to his desk and confesses that she was worried about him and asks all sorts of questions about his night out. She suggests boundaries and, after getting a little irate, reveals that she has not yet slept with anyone. Clive is clearly upset over this news and with himself. These two lovebirds still have a lot to figure out.

Cold Case

Liv has a vision of a Fillmore Graves soldier, George Marsh, arguing and threatening Max. His alibi checks out, seeing that he was frozen in jail during Max’s murder. The key is why he was in jail: he turned a zombie through sexual intercourse. Clive and Liv get the girl’s name, Huma Kattan, and decide to search through the zombie database to find her. Liv gets an idea.

Stealing More Than Hearts

She rushes over to Levon’s apartment; he is skeptical to let her in, but she assures him that Max’s horny brain effects have worn off. She reveals that because she and Clive are going to zombie services to investigate, she could steal the equipment they need to make zombie identification cards. They share a kiss, but when Liv advances and reveals that Max’s brain hasn’t worn off, Levon wishes her luck and kicks her out.

The Confession

While at zombie services, Clive and Liv find Huma Kattan’s paperwork and discover that she is the same person as Zoe Ward. They bring her in for more questioning, and it is revealed that Max was hired to be George Marsh’s wingman and hooked him up with Huma Kattan. After she turned, she took them to trial, and Max lied on the stand, saying that she knew he was a zombie. She confesses to his murder and proclaims that it was worth it to have scum like him off the street.

Caught in the Act

Peyton comes home from a meeting with the mayor and Chase Graves, where Major lied about the events that occurred during the newspaper takedown. She walks in the door and reminds Liv to move her car for street cleaning. When there is no answer, she searches the house, only to find Liv in her bedroom making zombie ID cards. Uh oh.

What will Peyton think of Liv’s extracurriculars? How much longer can Clive and Bozzio keep this up? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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