In 1990, a family night of trick-or-treating doesn’t exactly go according to plan for the Pearsons in this episode of This Is Us, titled “The 20’s.” Eighteen years later, things are still sort of topsy-turvy for the Big Three as Randall prepares for the birth of his first child, while Kate makes a big decision about her life and Kevin takes some steps to getting some acting gigs.

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The Truth

On Halloween eve in 1990, Rebecca is preparing costumes for the kids. Kate changes her mind at the last minute, and when Jack gets home he says it’s fine. Later, Rebecca questions why he always tells her yes and worries that she needs to learn how to face some noes for her future. But he just turns the tables on her and suggests that she basically does the same thing with Randall.

The next night, everyone is ready to go. Randall wants to follow a map he made, which maximizes his house-to-candy ratio, but Kevin and Kate want to hit up a haunted house first. Jack and Rebecca split up to make the kids happy.

At the haunted house, Kevin tells Jack that Kate wanted to go in the haunted house with a popular boy named Billy so that she’ll get scared and he’ll hold her hand. Kevin explains that Billy is more popular than him, and there’s no chance he’ll hold Kate’s hand. Jack is concerned. However, Kate comes out holding Billy’s hand. Then Jack observes Kevin giving all his candy to Billy, which was an exchange so Billy would hold Kate’s hand.

Rebecca isn’t having much more luck with Randall. When she suggests he go to the house of the Larsens, he gives several reasons why he doesn’t want to. He eventually begrudgingly goes to the house. Afterwards, when Rebecca asks him what’s wrong, he tells her that the Larsens lost a baby and they got him instead. Rebecca has to explain about Kyle’s death, and she assures Randall that getting him wasn’t instead of Kyle, as Randall is right where he belongs with them.

Back at home, Rebecca tells Jack she wished he was there when Randall starting asking questions.

First Child

It’s Halloween night in 2008, and Randall is preparing for the birth of his first child. It’s been several months since Randall had his breakdown, and Beth is concerned. Soon, Rebecca arrives to help Beth after the baby is born. The women discuss Randall at length, and he hears them, so he leaves to replace the fan he can’t install. At the store, Randall pours his heart out to a random store employee. And then he gets the call that Beth is going into labor early.

After a mini freak-out, Randall actually delivers their first baby at their home. He decides to name her Tess after the brand name of a ceiling fan.

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Seeking Love and Jobs

In 2008, Kate is still living near Pittsburgh working as a waitress. Every day, a man comes in and requests that she serve him. The pair exchange numbers, and on a whim on Halloween night, she heads to the bar he said he was going to be. While he’s happy to see her, he suggests they go somewhere more private.

After they sleep together, Kate asks if he’s married (and he is). She’s down on her luck. Meanwhile, her brother isn’t doing any better trying to find work in California. After his roommate, Zeke, gets a huge part, he begs Kevin to go to an industry party with him. Once there, though, the director wants nothing to do with Kevin.

At one point during the party, Kevin corners the guy outside the men’s room. And then Kevin decides he deserves the role more than his friend, so he suggests they do more screen tests. The director is disgusted with Kevin as he tells him he’ll never work for him ever.

Baby Makes People Happy

As they are down on their luck, Kate and Kevin get the call from Rebecca that Beth had her baby. They rush over to see them in the hospital. Soon, they are discharged, though, and Kevin and Kate have to make some tough decisions about their lives. But it looks like the baby makes everyone want to move along and clean up their lives. I guess having a baby around makes everyone happy and puts a smile on their faces. Kate decides to head to Los Angeles to live with Kevin and move on with her life, while Kevin stays more focused on his acting career by joining an improv group.

And in somewhat of a twist, we learn how Rebecca and Miguel sort of get together in season 2. Before Beth has the baby, Rebecca had asked her to set up a Facebook account so they can stay in touch via e-mail and messaging. On one of the first days she has the account, Rebecca is enjoying just looking at everyone’s photos. And then she gets a private message from Miguel, which brings a smile to her face, as she’s been very lonely without Jack around to share such happy moments in her life.

Perhaps it’s baby Tess or just plain being lonely that really has the Pearsons down and out, but as soon as Tess is born everyone wants to start making lifestyle changes. For whatever reason, it’s nice that the Pearsons are always there for each other.

Are you surprised Miguel reached out to Rebecca on Facebook? Do you think Rebecca did the right thing in telling Randall about baby Kyle? Should she have waited for Jack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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