With Oliver Queen giving up his vigilante gig in “Next of Kin,” it’s obvious which Arrow character is the most heroic. Sacrifices, fighting, math homework and deception all figure into this episode’s biggest hero.


There is no fighting for Oliver in “Next of Kin,” but you can’t underestimate Mayor Queen’s efforts. Not only does Oliver fend off the FBI (with an action sure to return later to cause problems), but he also takes the time to pep-talk Diggle into leadership. Add in some heroic attempts at fatherhood and two instances of food delivery, and Oliver remains a solid hero choice.

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Dinah has been the voice of reason and morality for Diggle throughout the last few episodes. Unfortunately, she is keeping her concerns to herself — that kind of eliminates the Black Canary from full heroism, even if she did scream away poisonous gas.

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Felicity gets a vote for coaching William to an A on his math test. Quadratic equations are hard!


Finally, there is John Diggle. He has taken up the mantle of the Green Arrow — despite having a wife and son — and is doing his best. Sure, that fails to be good enough until the final fight of the show, but Diggle is in a tough position.

Also, in that final battle, Diggle manages to subdue a hardcore villain using nothing but his fists. If he can fight like that before getting his new arrow-shooting gun, Diggle definitely deserves to be a hero.

We may have to just overlook that wee bit of drug use for now. It will be back to haunt Diggle soon enough!

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Biggest Hero?

Injected (and probably illegal) drugs aside, Diggle is clearly the hero of “Next of Kin.” He should enjoy that now — John’s house of cards is certain to collapse within a few episodes.

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