Half of Star City seems to be playing the other half at this point on Arrow, which makes heroes harder to find than usual. Still, some of the vigilante types step up their game in “Doppelganger” — who is the most heroic of all?


“Doppelganger” may feature the return of Roy Harper to the show, but the real MVP of this episode has to be Thea. It has been a long time since Speedy suited up, something that just increases Thea’s heroism.

Thea’s motivation is her continuing love for Roy. Prompting the initial suit-up, that affection nearly leads Thea into heroic doom when she prepares to take on a small squad of cops in Roy’s defense. Cooler heads fortunately prevail at that point. Later on, however, Speedy runs straight into the line of fire to fight even more bad guys in order to save Roy.

Sure, this is all foolhardy, but both heroism and love pretty much require that.

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Captive throughout most of the episode, Roy’s heroism is mostly of the passive type. He has been out of the vigilante game for a while, but Roy still knows how to stay loyal to his old friends. Even under torture or when offered freedom via betrayal, Roy holds strong.


The erstwhile Siren might be a candidate for heroism here — she does tell Team Arrow where to find Roy — but that is apparently all part of a larger plot. So never mind.

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Oliver suits up a few times during “Doppelganger,” despite the fact that his “Mayor Queen is the Green Arrow” case continues to go poorly. But even more heroic than this is Oliver’s pep talk with Thea. He is willing to let her go, despite Oliver desperately needing people on his side these days. That is pretty heroic.

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