This episode of iZombie, titled “Blue Bloody,” is full of antics, action and animosity. Major and Liv are divided. Angus is still putting together a cult-like army. And Ravi gives sex advice … to Clive. There’s a lot to take in, so let’s lay it all out.

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Watch Out for the Ball

Right from the beginning of the episode, things get off to an exciting start. Mrs. Brinks, a high-brow jabbermouth gossip, gets taken out by a golf ball — more specifically, her eyeball. At the scene of the crime, a caddie helps in discovering the murder weapon: a golf ball gun. After drinking a martini garnished with the brains of the deceased, Liv becomes a real life Clue character. After Clive and Dale have a quick heart-to-heart about something they can “talk about later,” Liv hops into the back seat and orders Clive around, a la Miss Daisy. And with that, they’re off to conduct interviews.

God Loves Zombies

Meanwhile, crazy old Angus is dressed in robes and preaching (yelling) to the congregation about how much God loves zombies and how they will never go hungry again. Next thing you know, he and his merry band of madmen are storming the back alley brain peddlers and smashing their skulls. He uses the brain matter of those people to parade around the streets of New Seattle, tossing brains out like candy wrapped in paper with the church logo on it. They urge the onlookers to join them, and their tactic seems to have worked, as the end of the episode shows Angus leading a church that has doubled in size.

Major Complications

Major is busy getting his two new juvenile recruits ready for their first patrol. Things are not as smooth as he would have hoped; before they’ve even stepped foot in the streets, Jordan is mouthing off, and Captain Seattle gives it right back to her. Major assures the two that even though it may be scary, they will be fine as long as they stay in line. Jordan ends up getting aggravated with a few human vandals while on patrol. The surprise comes from her accidentally scratching one of the vandals and him pleading for his friends to kill him. Major tries his best to defuse the situation, and things get a little out of hand. Stress is further added when Major realizes that a bystander has been recording the entire altercation.

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Liar, Liar

On the investigation side of things, Clive and Liv have interviewed all of Mrs. Brinks’ employees. The gardener, chauffeur and cook all gave their employer glowing reviews, which sends a red flag to Clive since his undead partner has been most unpleasant after feasting on Mrs. Brinks’ frontal lobe. It just so happens that each of the suspects has a motive for wanting their insufferable boss out for the count; her will issued each of them $1 million.

The three of them are brought in to see who acts the least genuine upon learning about their inheritance, but all prove to have good poker faces — that is, until it is discovered that the code to open the safe that held the will was the birth date of the cook’s son. She had begged Mrs. Brinks for a $20,000 loan to pay for a surgery that would save her young boy. She was denied. After being found out, she bargains with the detectives that if they smuggle her son out of New Seattle, she will sign a confession. Clive refuses on principle, and Liv dismisses her.

All Smuggle, No Snuggle

Eventually, Liv’s blue blood brain wears off, and she feels an overwhelming guilt for not helping the young boy. She cries in the office, and Ravi agrees to help her smuggle the child out of the city. To do this, they must get through a sector of the city that is highly patrolled and not very kind to the pale, brain-eating type. At the checkpoint, they are met by soldiers, one of whom is majorly familiar. Major is skeptical of their reasoning, which he knows is a lie, but allows them passage anyway. They deliver the child safely to an underground railroad-esque laundromat.

The whole ordeal ends up causing a major debate between Liv and Major. Major accuses Liv of being “holier-than-thou,” and she reminds him that there was a time when he would not have stood idle at the chance to save a child’s life. After a short yelling match, Major puts an end to their hook-ups.

Sexual Healing

Struggling in the hook-up department? Clive and Dale. Their unspoken challenge hinted at in the beginning of the episode turns out to be their sexual relationship — or lack thereof. Shockingly, Clive turns to Ravi for advice. As an alternative of mutual self-pleasure, Ravi prescribes an anxiety medication, which has a side effect of decreased libido. In the end, Dale discovers the medication and discourages Clive from taking such drastic measures. She assures him that they will work things out.

Do you think Major has abandoned what he stood for in previous seasons? Is Angus set to take over the city? And what other options could Clive and Dale possibly have? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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