The “All for Nothing” episode of Arrow truly belongs to Vincent the Vigilante. While the other heroes have their moments, much of the action revolves around the double agent in Cayden James’ operation. Is anyone a bigger hero or does the Vigilante take the title?


Obviously, the guy who risks his life throughout “All for Nothing” — and then dies at the end — has the best claim to being the hero of the episode. Being a double agent is never all that safe, especially when a diabolical mastermind is involved. Vincent, whatever his meta-human powers and undercover skills, may have always been doomed.

He tries hard though. It’s clear early in the episode that Cayden James suspects there is a mole in the operation. Despite this, Vincent volunteers to plant spyware in the bad guy’s system, even though it is basically a suicide mission. The Vigilante then stays cool after being caught and tortured.

In the end, Vincent dies a hero’s death (and it really is not all for nothing.)

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Even though Lance keeps busy with running the police department and co-managing the mayor’s office, he still takes the time to confront his own demons. It takes guts to face the evil doppelganger of a lost daughter … and Lance does it with a slideshow!

Dinah, Rene and Curtis

Team Not-Arrow takes a risk in going to save Vincent from the bad guys, putting their lives on the line during the rescue mission. However, these heroes do this while putting the entire city in ongoing danger — yes, saving brave lovers is a good thing, but what about literally everyone else? It does not help the defectors’ cause that they are particularly snotty to Oliver and company as they depart.

Also, Dinah gets all angry and borderline evil at the end, so there is that.

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Oliver and Diggle

Maybe Original Team Arrow should care more about Vincent’s imminent demise, but you cannot argue with Oliver and Diggle rushing into danger to save the city. The sheer number of henchmen fought throughout this episode is a sure sign of heroism.

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